Monday, April 30, 2012

Postcards From Camp

Finnegan shows what Armine taught her during physical abilities testing.

USAG Posted that Shawn, Nastia and Chellsie weren't at camp due to their inability to show two complete sets.  It is interesting that Alicia is there, as she isn't back to complete form.  There are those who risk going to camp out of tip-top form to be compliant and those like Sloan who go whenever because they're known for peaking at the last moment.  The three veterans were always consistent at camp in their heyday and were used to finishing at the top of the rankings.  Expect them to show a few routines at Classics and or Nationals, regardless of motivations.  It will be curious to see which strategy pays off.

Anna Li is looking fitter than ever.  In fact, Anna looks fitter than 2009 World Champion Bridget Sloan, who is rumored to have upgrades on bars and floor.  It remains curious what Sloan can actually do, but she is known for pulling the rabbit out of the hat and winning unexpected titles.

Large and In Charge

The Lineup

I'm sure Sloan is thrilled about this 'oh-so-flattering' photo.

It is interesting that  (just like her gymnastics) despite Ross showing gorgeous leg, one's eye is drawn to Anna Li's physique.

Like, omigod

Nazi March

Note that Skinner doesn't have a prayer of attaining the proper position.

Martha's Favorites: The Skinny Bitches


The most fun of your life.


  1. Anna Li looks fat for a gymnast. Are you drinking again?

  2. It is his way of saying Sloan is out of shape, which she is. Anna Li is thinner than last year for sure.

  3. Anna Li sticks out with her wide grin from the Far Left or is that Far Right of the lineup?

    I love this photographic series. More, please.

  4. Anna Li's expression screams I'm happy to be here.

  5. who is the pig in the green shirt next to brandi Jay?

    1. Portugal-Italy-Iceland-Ireland-Greece-Spain

  6. Anon at 5:25: Chill, please. You sound ten times crazier than Sac or Horton. Geez.

  7. Either Raisman's shirt is unflattering or she's filled out this past winter.

  8. She looks....lumpy. Like she's wearing a life vest with half of the padding out of it. I can't figure out what is going on there. That is a horribly unflattering picture.