Sunday, April 22, 2012

It may be an unpopular opinion...

but I'm THRILLED Kat Ding won floor.  The judges it gave it to a girl who has the best combination of performance, unique tumbling, great amplitude and someone who makes gymnastics fun.  Kat's pure love for the sport is infectious. Frankly, I thought Hollie Vise deserved to win over flexed-footed Brittani McCullough two years ago.  Add me to the top of list of people who aren't crying over Elyse Hopfner Hibbs' loss with a double tuck mount.  (I would've been fine with a tie.)


  1. Agree with you, Kat Ding is so dirty in the exercises.

  2. I thought I was the only one defending Kat Ding's floor title! The variety in her tumbling was also nice. The judges were rewarding the performance as the score for EHH's routine demonstrates. Kat Ding also put on a great performance. Some people are acting like EHH is the only one who can perform.

  3. Kat is fabulous and definitely deserved to repeat as the bars champ but not floor. She had WEAK tumbling compared to others and her routine was really boring. I thought any one of three others deserved it more than Kat including EHH, Stack Eaton, and Jones from OSU.