Monday, April 30, 2012

Wesley Campbell Training Videos

Last fall, Wesley Campbell sent me a few videos of his training in order to show me his then-new programs which were choreographed by Robert Mauti.  Wes trained his ass off this year, but has a disastrous Nationals.  I've gotten his permission to upload these training videos, which show an interesting look at a skater training a daily run-through of their programs with their coach.  Wesley fought back in his long at Nationals, but this program may just be him at his best.  His Sectionals effort was interrupted by a nose bleed that required the program to be stopped.

Wes' program to The Mission is superb.  I especially adore the section of his program where he does a back spiral in almost an entire circle around the ice.  Those special, iconic moments that create texture in programs are not valued nearly enough under the IJS.  They are moments one takes away from a program long after viewing.  This was Wesley's own 'Jonathan Cassar Moment.'

His short to Aranjuez is also great.

Ironically, though she was pleased at the time, Wesley's coach decided that his programs needed to be taken up a notch the next day and described the effort as  'shit.'  His improvement as a skater was tremendous since his 2011 Nationals effort.  Wes has performed in numerous shows this spring and plans to keep skating next season.


  1. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Spectacular! Does he still want to do pairs or stay with singles?

  3. I believe he is sticking with singles.

  4. Ok, so Wesley is amazing. What heart he has.