Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funday Fluff

We hope maybe, maybe you can win.

Olympic Fluff---As good as a bucket of Blood Marys.

Sadly, there are days I feel as crazy OCD as Shannon when I get upset in skating or in life.

It was decision of head coach, there was nothing I could do about it.

If I could give my leg and borrow my leg, I would.  I really would in this particular situation.  It's breaking my heart.  Good luck ever getting the imagine of Bela's hairy leg on Dominique's elfin body out of your head.  Bela knew how to play to the crowd like no other, except for maybe...Dominique.

My favorite metaphor: She's still the one who thinks the world is made up from sugar and she's climbing the sugar mountain and at the top, she going to see the star shine.  Gosh I wish all her life would be the same.
(I miss Beth Ruyak)

A boiling hot mess.


  1. beth is an idiot. She is only an "olympian" because of the boycott. even with the boycott, she was only the alternate. She was gross and offensive. She still is. She seems to be obsessed with overbearing men with small penises.

  2. Tatiana Gutsu should just go and die already. The judges cheated for her to screw the US for Zmeskal's win and Canada and Austrailia should be banned for life for this debacle.

    OCD Shannon aside I hate to see anyone get screwed over for some fucking sob story commie. Roza and Shannon should sue her sorry ass.

    DEPORT THE FRAUD. Gutsu being in this Country is a fucking joke.