Thursday, April 19, 2012

Favorite Things Friday--Our Mighty Problem Children

Celebrating our rebellious favorites who keep it interesting!

This is the 'lympics!

Team Leadership

A queen bitchfest.

Too French to Function

God Bless Tonya


Oh, Johnny!

The Greatest Elfi Schelgel TV Moment E-V-E-R!

When Hell Froze Over

European Floor Champion

One Fabulous Bitch And Her Talented Brother


  1. Oh how I miss Tasha. She might have been the coolest gymnast ever. You don't see many gymnasts with the sass she had.

    Thanks for posting that Oksana clip with the priceless Elfie moment. I remember watching that competition with my brother and laughing at Oksana blowing Elfie off.

  2. Ha! Jennifer Capriati was recently inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame, to boot.

  3. I love that AJ has an ode to 4/20.

  4. Actually oksana blowing off elfi was a stupid thing to do. There was clearly money involved. Don't think for one second that she was not reprimanded for that . Even Sandra had something to say about it

  5. It might've been stupid and made herself look bad, but it made for great TV.

  6. Emanuel was from my city, and I am sorry he was embarrassing to watch! Then he did So you Think you can Dance Canada....and made more of a fool of himself.

  7. I'm glad you posted that Oksana routine, I was looking for it on youtube not too long ago and couldn't find it. I saw it when it originally aired and actually didn't remember her blowing off the interview.

    I don't know that any one action like that hurt her career one way or another so much as she seemed like such an emotionally fragile person she was ultimately not able to handle the demands of being a celebrity athlete. To me in that clip, she is not blowing off Elfi out of arrogance so much as she is so emotionally overcome she cannot talk (maybe still smarting after being ridiculed by Nancy in the Olympics for being a crybaby).

    To be honest I think it's an accomplishment that she's still alive and kicking and am glad to see videos show up now and then of her still skating, if just for the pleasure of how wonderfully she uses her arms.

    Those two routines of Johnny's are not my favorites, but I'm a big fan and sure am rooting for him to make a comeback!