Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorite Things: 100 Days Out

Awesome Dawesome.

Let the excitement begin!!!

A comeback for the ages.

A beautiful moment.

The Greatest Olympic Fluff.  Ever.

My favorite Johnny moment.

One of Uncle Dick's favorite teams.

A glorious and underrated free dance.

The magic scrunchie.

The Queen.

A total fame moment: discussing a decision to turn pro on Oprah.  If only skating had one one-hundreth of the relevance.  Having another skater with Ms. Lipinski's charisma would certainly help.

A crowning moment.


  1. I really don't see Nastia's as the comeback for the ages. Even if she comes back. I think Mustafina is the comeback story.

  2. Um, Torvill and Dean were listed as the comeback for the ages...

  3. I love the way Michelle's programs always built in excitement towards the end. (Note that the cheering was so loud that she had to do an extra turn at the end because she finished a little bit before the music ended)

  4. Lipinksi's charisma??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Complete lack thereof, perhaps.

  5. Lipinski is bubbly...like her or not.