Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A TV Moment

Simon claimed to 'make a big mistake' (for TV ratings) last night and ditched the big voice for the cute cherub.

Only to admit it later...

The judges clearly knew the girls were the strongest and found a way to make America root for Melanie in spite of her forgettable personality.

The best take on the night's teledrama.

"Won't someone please get Stacy Francis some waterproof mascara already?!'- Mommy Dearest

Big miss of the night---Paula eliminate 4sure of the night for being a carbon copy of Boys II Men.  We will get to be thoroughly amused by two hoes who only Simon likes.  This will be a good season.

"I'm more excited for them to have me than I am for myself,"-Simon


  1. 4shore were good except the guy with the long hair. Really listen to him...he brought the group down straining all the time.

    I don't think the groups should be even. I think Dexter should be out and James in. I think Tiah's inconsistent voice should be gone and put Caitlin in her place. I wanted Tiah to show up Paula and Nicole because they seem to dislike her for no reason but she's not better than any of the other 7 girls imo.

  2. I could happily have had this competition without Dexter, Rachel, Simone, Tiah, and Stacy. I love Melanie's voice but agree about her having a forgettable personality. I feel bummed for the over 30s with more talent and likability who just didn't make the cut.

  3. Even though Melanie was redeemed on X Factor, I'm probably still not going to watch. I can't stand any of the groups, Dexter "I'm Homeless Because I Suck At Life and Probably Do Drugs" Haygood, Astro "I'm going to wind up in jail before I'm 16 for being a punk ass" Bradley, Simone "I use my hoo-hah more than my talent" Battle, and Tiah "I Have More Gaps in My Teeth Than I Do Talent" Tolliver. I'm over it.