Thursday, October 13, 2011

This and That

Gracie Gold won the short at the JGP Talinn Cup.

Marlie announced that they changed their free dance from La Strada to Die Fledermaus.  I respect them for doing something out of the typical Marlie realm, but I was okay with them not taking a huge risk in the free dance since this since Meryl channeling J Lo has everyone on edge for good reason.  That said, I was really looking for to a gorgeous patented Marlie program to La Strada.  I can't handle Die Fledermaus after wearing out my tape of the 1996 Olympics during my youth.  It is still far too soon.  I couldn't even handle the music when Yu-Na Kim skated to it.

Julianne Hough's Footloose received an 'A-' from Entertainment Weekly.  That is impressive from a magazine that hates almost everything.

Courtney Hicks underwent surgery yesterday and will be out for the season.

Youtube Sensation Starr Andrews competed at SWP Regionals in the Pre-Preliminary category.  I prefer her whipping her hair, but it is awesome to see her skate again.

Risa Shoji is currently second at the JGP Talinn Cup.

Samantha Cesario is currently third at the JGP Talinn Cup.

Joshua Farris' short at the JGP Talinn Cup.

An interview with Pasquale Camerlengo


  1. Ha, it's hard not to imagine L-Pod when you hear Die Fledermaus, but hopefully Marlie chose music beyond just the overture, which seems to get the most play.

  2. Man, I just absolutely LOVE Jonathan Faris' SP. Too bad the color of his shirt blended in with the boards in the background.

    Starr Andrews could teach those hyped Russian 'babies' a thing or two about listening to music whilst skating.

  3. I've gotta say, I was surprised at how blah Gracie Gold's music and skating skills were. Give me Star Andrews all day long over that.

  4. I've seen some spectacularly bad movies get good reviews in EW. Obviously, the Footloose people were not late with the check...

  5. @Judge

    I think Gold demonstrates pretty good skills, but that is some of the most baffling music I have heard in a skating program in a long time - what idea or emotion is it this semi-techno (?) version of The Sugar Plum Fairy supposed to express?

  6. I think Gracie has a lot to improve in her skating skill. But this girl's jumps are HUGE. Well, this is a sport

  7. Julianne Hough cannot act at all. I am so sick of that whore. Her career is based only on her beauty. She has no talent for acting. Her brother is a better dancer.

  8. Can't stand the idea of Marlie using Die Fledermaus for their fd. And I'm a fan.

  9. Gracie has great jumps and decent line. Not very artistic, bad music choice did not help my getting a very novice-juniorish overall impression. But so much potential.
    I hate the ides of Die Fledermaus for Marlie. They might as well forfit the world title right now. Why have all the teams from that camp gone smiley and cutsey this year? I need some drama.