Thursday, October 13, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!: 1994 Edition

No one moves like our girl!

One fabulous comeback.

The most successful comeback ever.

Fabulous Russian drama to make you rip your shirt open.

The master.

An underrated program.


I would've given him the title.

Arguably the best long program of his career.

So bad, it's good.

Pure joy.


  1. I need Meryl and Charlie to skate to Mishkutenok/Dmitriev's cut of Rachmaninov so badly. It would be so epic and blow all the other ice dancers out of the water.

  2. i don't think meryl and charlie will ever be able to match the crazy russian drama on ice that M+D had. M+D often made up steps as they went along, can't say i can envision a hair or step out of place from the control of meryl and charlie.

  3. If Evan Lysacek is REALLY serious about returning to competition he should sit down and study the way Oksana used/uses her arms a long, long, long time. Clearly the ISU doesn't give a shit about such things but it'd make ME happy.

    It was weird to think that there was a time when Yuko Sato was being criticized for a lack of charisma.

    For me, Torvil and Dean are some of the most re-watchable skaters ever, I never get tired of their programs.

    It made me kinda sad the way Victor Petrenko seemed to turn his back on the whole 'ballet prince' vibe when he went pro - I remember seeing him do all these comical and 'sexy' programs which IMHO didn't really fit him very well. Well, at least I guess it made HIM happy.

  4. Why people are still crazy about Oksana? She is such a bad role model. Her behaviors in many charity shows are intolerable. Bad image for figure skating world.

  5. Oksana is one of the greatest skaters to ever touch the ice. She has had a rough life and personal problems.

  6. Yes, that doesn't make it okay for her to curse to say "four letter" words in front of those innocent young skaters. To walk out randomly from some charity show.
    There are lots of great or greater US skaters around. The only "problem" with them is that they may not as crazy and wild as her.

  7. anon 10/15 6:39

    Whoever said you have to be a saint to be appreciated as an artist?

    Richard Wagner was a disgusting anti-semite but that does not mean he was not a great composer (although I am not a fan).

    It would be great if 'innocent' children were encouraged to look to Nobel Peace Prize winners or great teachers as role models instead of athletes and other celebrities, but that is not the world we live in.

    As for Oksana, as her sometimes self-destructive behavior has obviously hurt her skating career, you are delusional if you think anyone is looking at that aspect of her personality as something to emulate.

  8. I don't mind how she behaves behind closed doors. Yet, as a public figure, she should have some decency and refrain from awful behavior in public. I say this only because I am a mother who has a young skater. My daughter and her friends just cannot comprehend the erratic behavior of this so-called "skating idol".

  9. Oksana to me is one of the greats. What she does or doesn't do off the ice is not my concern as long as she doesn't kill anyone. Anyway, it is up to parents to encourage children to emulate positive role models. But I figure by their teens children will admire whom they will. In any event, I haven't heard nor seen any bad news about Oksana in years. Only rumours by people on the net with nothing to back it up as proof.