Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Men's Post

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Did the US deserve silver?  Kohei Uchimura (legend that he is) did not have his best routine, yet received just the score he needed for Japan to finish ahead of the US.  I guess when you're Kohei Uchimura, you've earned the benefit of the doubt every once in a while.


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The Gold Medalists

The Silver Medalists

The Bronze Medalists



  1. I think they call it home field advantage in other sports.

  2. Horton will probably kick himself for
    messing up his vault, but for me the
    big take-aways are that the US men are
    definitely in the fight for a medal
    in London, that the Chinese did not
    show themselves to be nearly as dominant
    as before, and that hitting will be
    the key (vide Russia here).

    The US ended up being the only country
    to put both its teams on the medal stand.
    Not what I would have predicted.

  3. @Anonymous 8:45 am

    What are you smoking? China put both teams on the medal stand.