Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!: Friends' Edition

The other day, my friend 'Lautowa' had the nerve to give me his honest skating opinions.  Never one to hold back, he had the nerve to utter filth such as ''Michelle Kwan is boring because she is so consistent," and "I really like Plushenko better than Yagudin."  After instructing him to wash the filth out of his mouth, I thought it would be fun to ask my friends for some of their favorite performances during this Grand Prix season.  I initially was thinking about just doing it for this week, but a number of them sent me about dozen videos a piece.  Apparently people don't understand the request of send their favorite video (singular.)  I have enough to last us through Grand Prix fever.

Perhaps we will all learn to appreciate different tastes...even those who are clearly misguided.  This week, Ioana the Romanian Vampiress, Lautowa, Tarasova's Mink, Gaysian Attorney, Frau Mueller, Romanza, Laura and LuSpinda Ruhthless mesmerize us with their unique viewpoints.

Disgustingly good.
Romanza also sent this SYTYCD goodie, which insufferable bastards won't allow us to embed.

In honor of Skate America, we celebrate LuSpinda Ruhthless' sexual and non-sexual crushes on Brian Boitano and his never-ending spread eagle.  Next time, the USFSA should spend a little more money (that they're clearly not giving to Evan Lysacek) to make sure the returning American favorite wins a 4-3 split.

Laura shares one of the most charming floor routines from the last fifteen years.

Tarasova's Mink desires to hold an ex and look sexy.  The jury is still out on whether we can convince him to find a butch hockey-playing wife and become a good Christian daddy.

Jack Carter Eyes loves himself some Kathy Johnson Clarke.

He is also old enough to remember the brilliance of Amy Koopman.

Gaysian Attorney brings an element of class to the blog by picking the origin of a brilliant compulsory dance.  Oh, he is a cerebral one!  (And the program is magnificent.)

Ioana believes that with this synth music floor routine, Mirela Pasca was declaring that SHE would've been the star of the '80s Romanian team.

Frau Mueller picked one of my favorites...I posted it just a few weeks ago.  It is okay if he's been slacking on his reading, we like him because he is tall and pretty.  And, we never tire of Kurt or this program...

I've decided to be nice and allow Lautowa to get the last spot this week, even after offending me with his Southern sensibilities...


  1. Don't the gymnastics powers that be look at some of these old routines & realize they've turned the sport into boring tripe? They had the skills & the beauty back then. What a shame.

  2. re: boitano, ahh the days of an electrifying audience

  3. AJ, i'm dying to know your thoughts on this!!!

  4. Susanna and Petri skating to Borsalino...I die. Gaysian Attorney, you're my hero.

  5. To Anonymous at 9:49am...

    I so totally agree. In fact, a few hours ago I had posted this as a comment to the "direction of the sport" essay:

    After this year's world championships, I seriously needed some "Miller Time":

    I just love the way she *finishes* every single dance move, how there's no "dead time", and how she makes it all flow together and actually performs it to the music... You just don't see that kind of thing at all anymore, sigh...

  6. Cant get the sytycd video at all, could you please post the URL or at least enough info to search it? I love to see other people's sytycd favorites. Thanks.

  7. Kent + Neil- How It Ends

  8. Wow. Thank you and your friend for educating me on Amy Koopman. Instant fan.

  9. Thank you thank you for including Rahkamo and Kokko. They are my favorite couple of all time! And my favorite program? It would have to be either this: or this: .

    Good old times <3

  10. Glad to see so many Rahkamo/Kokko fans out there!