Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scenes From Qualifying

The lovely Viktoria Komova is first AA where she belongs.

Qualifying Results

Sadly, Beth Tweddle and He Kexin are out of bar finals.

One of the week's most depressing moments.  Belu has mentioned that Ana needs to over 'distractions.'  The boys need to stay away for another year.

Things would've been so different with Izabasa...

Carly - Shawn = Jordyn

Huang Qiushuang makes the team and makes bar finals.

Young Yao Jinnan.

Lauren Mitchell works that code.  It may not always be natural-looking, but she gets the scores.

Larissa Miller.

Komova, Nabieva and Dementyeva escape the mixed zone.

Words from our favorite bitch.


  1. Wow, the USA girls did great! All five in the top 12 AA, four of the five qualifying for at least one EF. I hope they can keep it together for TF and the individual events.

  2. Wow the Bar final sucks!! No Tweddle, no He Kexin, and obviously no Mustafina = B team bar final

  3. Go USA i know they'll be ready for team final and I am not worried I know Jordyn will win the aa and aly will finish in the top five Jordyn just needs to do what she has been doing. Even with some questionable overscoring for komova that's international judging

  4. China qualifies 2nd and 4th for floor final. Wtf is going on here.

  5. I like that "jump" Lauren Mitchell does at the end of her routine. No way she seriously got credited for that. Code whoring at its finest. Her routine is not my favorite.

  6. All hail Queen Komova. Please, oh PLEASE let her stay on top. PLEASE.

  7. Honestly, I'm not sad He Kexin isn't in bar finals. Her bars are sluggish. I wish Beth had qualified and also Elisabeth Seitz who had a really neat routine. Komova vs. Wieber should be a great showdown in the AA.

  8. Stop calling Jordyn, carly. Both she and Shawn at least have presentation. Carly Patterson was a robot that walked through floor with no rhythm at all.

  9. I've been avoiding gymnastics for awhile now, and never really paid a lot of attention to Jordyn, but I'm impressed by her tumbling. That triple twist was superb.

  10. Just wanted to point out that Yao Jinnan's name means Golden Boy. :)