Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little Skating In Our Lives

Voir practice their Fred and Audrey Free Dance.

With every choctaw, the Marlie-Voir rivalry intensifies.  Everyone has an opinion.

Overall, the entire skating world is suffering from the lost month of training time due to Worlds being pushed back.

The Shibutanis aren't doing much stretching with their Free Dance.  It is up-tempo childish fun.

Everyone wants to hate them as the bad seeds for Evan dumping Emily, but Madison has never been shown off so well.  Madison has taken her skating to another level and really shines as the 'flower' of the team in a way that Emily never could.  It will take work, but they have so much more to work with now.  Neither of the previous teams were going to ascend the narrow ladder of the sport.  Madison has the star-power-eye-candy-quality that can't be taught.  Evan is a prop to show her off, but he may very well make a good stem.

Doug Razzano won the Free Skate and just missed winning the title at the Finlandia Trophy.

One of Tara Lipinski's favorite skaters.

Julia Lipnitskaya dominates the JGP yet again.

Hannah Miller's JGP debut.

Yasmin Siraj's Regionals SP


  1. People say Madison Chock has weak skating skills but i don't know enough about ice dance to make a fully educated opinion there. But I fully agree through that Madison has some sort of "it" quality that can't be taught that Emily did not have. I didn't think Evan's chemistry with Emily was that great-- and I'm guessing that's ultimately why he chose to skate with Madison. Evan and Emily we're kind of brother-sister, hokey vibe to me. Madison and Evan will be more sexy and sensual. Let's face it, in skating good chemistry is more important than having phenomenal skating skills.

  2. fully agree THOUGH*

    Sorry about my typos.

  3. - Music Voir are skating to is from movie with Fred & Audrey (not Ginger). Looks like a nice routine.

    - Shibs: swing music without dare-devil antics comes off as lame - more lyrical parts were nice though. She has a nice smile but it seems inappropriate at times here.

    - I need to start turning off the sound when Julia Lipnitskaya skates because although her actual skating is fine enough the way she completely ignores the music drives me nuts. Watching her skate is like watching somebody cross off items on a grocery store list.

    - Hannah Miller: impressive. Hope she can keep it up.

  4. The brilliant commenters at FSU have already declared Voir's FD unbeatable. (Does any other message board have that many annoying people?) I have to say, I'm a bit lukewarm on the music, but the dance elements look interesting. Tessa obviously enjoys emulating Audrey.

  5. Kanako is looking more elegant but also boring. I liked how different and clever her choreography was in last year's Swing and Spanish programmes. She actually made the effort to look like she was skating in the dance style, unlike most others who could be skating to any music, notably Mao in her "tango" last year. Now seems she's "matured" and become pedestrian.

  6. Wow, what a great short program from Yasmin Siraj! Best program I've seen so far this year.

  7. fsu is annoying, they're still discussing japan open in depth...

  8. I think what Madison Chock has--that Emily doesn't have so far--is that she is a good actor. Jayne Torvill had it. Shy person, but when she & Chris skated onto the ice, she BECAME the person she was portraying. She could convince the viewer that she was having the time of her life, was that damsel in distress about to be run over by a train, was the matador's cape, was in passionate love, whatever the program required.

    Madison also makes love to the audience with her engagement--she looks into the audience and connects.

    She's also a really nice person.

  9. I only just checked out Yasmin Siraji's SP - that is REALLY nice.

  10. I'm not crazy about Voir's FD. Their skating is always wonderful and fluid but this calls for more lightness and looseness, especially in the arms and hands. They seem to have more intensity. The Shib's is a nice dance. They skate like they are young and I appreciate that because they are young. Overall the the choreography this year is a bit disappointing. Yasmin Siraji looks wonderful.

  11. Virtue and Moir are back in their comfort zone. I only expect this to get stronger as the season progresses.

    And some shameless self-promotion: New Battle of the Blades recap!