Saturday, October 22, 2011

Skate America: The Short Dance

Like many of you, I sat through some terrible skating last night in anticipation of Marlie's competitive debut for the 2011-2012 season.  After sitting through Tonia Kwiatkowski's commentary, Florent Amodio's glittered ass, Paul and Islam killing my fantasy hopes for the season and Asher and Hill, I was relieved and excited to see Meryl Davis glowing in a melon-colored dress.  After getting through all of that, someone from Ice Network switched the feed off from Marlie to a Universal Sports rugby ad and never fixed their error until they reached the Kiss and Cry.

Note to self: Turn skating off if you are only seventy seconds into the Grand Prix season and Tonia Kwiatkowski is already mentioning her last-minute call to 1998 Worlds.  Tonia takes any opportunity to mention it... A-N-Y.

Arena alert:  Gaysian Attorney met Judy Blumberg (his reason for living.)  I imagine there was a homoriffic squeal.


Short Dance videos after the jump...including Marlie's full program!

Marlie's new program has enormous potential for the end of the season.  It has more vibrance than any of the other short dances from Canton.  It is definitely an 'Igor program.'  Meryl and Charlie were off on their twizzles.  Meryl apologized to Charlie as they went to the Kiss and Cry, but my friend in the arena said Charlie's twizzles were off in the warm up as well.  There were moments when their head movements were out of sync.  The program clearly needs perfecting.  The skaters lost a month last season and it shows.  Meryl really worked it during this program and showed off her 'more extension.'  I found their chemistry improved.

A lovely program.  I have a feeling they'll be reclaiming the position they lost at Worlds.

Hubbell and Donohue bring the sex and it is refreshing after watching so many Canton programs lately.  They have 'it' and the judges love them already.  Like the rest of you, I feel like I'm appreciating Madison for the first time.  I covered my eyes when she wore Daisy Dukes and brought the sex with her brother.  Zach Donohue is delicious.  Enough said there.  The judges awarded them for their components, but they lose serious ground on their rumba patterns.

Why my fantasy hopes are over for this season.  Blame Canada.

This couple received the most comments from the queens last night.  Many of us were in a daze through the men, but the peanut gallery woke up for a team that looks like they were coached by Carol Heiss and went to Lauren Sheehan for costumes.

"Dear Canada, you can have these two back and burn her dress please."- Frau Muller

Zhiganshina and Gazsi

Tobias and Stagniunas

Cannuscio and Lorello


  1. It did look to me like Meryl was slow catching her foot on the twizzles. I liked the hip action and the attitude, and the costumes. A lot of the other dances seemed to be more about the flailing arms than the core, but Marlie's showed that they (esp. Meryl) had spent time in the dance studio with a Latin teacher. They danced with maturity and confidence--I agree, improved connection. Meryl dances this like she owns it, which she hasn't always done. Believable.

    People in the arena indicated the charm of Nathalie/Fabian's (AKA most gorgeous couple in skating) dance came through more in person. Reserving judgment.

    A great dress choice for Madison--her coach's taste is rubbing off? We can only hope. She and Zach look strong, fast, & striking. Great start!

  2. Romanian commentators on Eurosport are not only annoying, but also clueless. They spent ages discussing why P/B might have wanted to leave Zhulin. No mention of them and Zhulin not having a say in the matter and how Russian coaches were "discouraged" from working full-time with top foreign skaters until Sochi...

    Marlie and P/B had lovely programs, on the bright side.

  3. I was there last night 4 rows up from the ice (It was so empty though, embarassing for USFSA I would think) a few thoughts:

    I thought all the SD's show potential; even Paul/Islam with there 3 falls you could see that the program once skated with full difficulty, speed, and clean will be a gem. On another note, Judy Blumberg looks GREAT and seems to only be getting better with age! Michal was clearly the best last night, I was surprised Takahiko was 2nd with all of his mistakes, and I thought Armin was undermarked in PCS as was the majority of the sparse crowd. Ian Lorello and Massimo are HOT; Brian Order continues to put on more weight. I saw Angela Nikodinov and Ivan Dinev in the stands right behind me. I said hello and said I enjoyed her skating and she smiled and said 'Thanks'. Rockne B was there ans he is pretty short in person, he was nice too though. Again, I'm shocked the arena was so empty!

  4. I was at the competition. Meryl's body extension, or the flexability in her back, or whatever you call it, is as fluid as water. Something none of the other women had. I wonder if in re-doing their LP, didn't have real time to work on the SD as much as they might have liked.

    Madison's dress was great, but the matching panties creeped me out. She's a striking girl though.

  5. Meryl and Charlie look amazing. Hot program and they both sell it. Even Charlie looks like he is having fun. reminds me of Tanith and Ben's latin OD in all the good ways.

  6. I'm glad everyone else seems to be enjoying these routines but while the Golden Waltz SD's were not too bad last year, I am really missing the OD this year.

    Not one of the routines I've seen so far comes even remotely close to Torvell and Dean's rhumba OD from the 94 Olympics.

    And it's not that I think T/D were so far superior to the current top ice dancers, its that I think the SD is just a bad idea.

  7. OMG! I am a new reader here, just starting looking at this awesome blog during recent Gym Worlds, so I've only glanced at some of the "older" skating coverage and I've been vaguely wondering "who's this gal named Marlie?" Finally get it...

    Personally, I thought their latin short was just a little too sweet and little too graceful; for me I would like to see it a bit spicier and punchier.

    But their free skate was truly a delight!


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