Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sad News

If the injury to Alicia Sacramone wasn't enough, one of my favorite gymnasts is out of Worlds...

Mariya Livchikova injured her ACL while training vault and is out of the World Championships.


  1. oh no! I was really looking forward to her beam and floor, poor Ukraine!!

    can she even make it back for Olympics?? I am worried she may not get the best surgical care and rehab :-(((

  2. The nightmare continues. :/

    My best hopes and wishes to Mariya for a full recovery. Sending positive thoughts and prayers (yes I'm PRAYING and I'm not even religious!) to all of these great gymnasts who have gone down before Worlds has even begun. :(

  3. in ADDITION to that sad news they are subbing in HQS for Wu Liufang!!! I'm all for HQS but replacing WLF who's been so consistent!??! They're idiots. They should've taken out Jiang or Tan Sixin instead who has been bombing lately.

  4. They need HQS for her vaulting.

  5. Not saying they don't need her. I'm fine with her being put in. But why replace Wu and not someone else? She's been a rock!