Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

Dreams of Love

THE Carmen of 1988.

The battle of carmina buranas that might have been...

Those extra two pounds were really weighing her down.

The only good thing Mishin ever had a hand in.

It is BS she had to share this title.  What. A. Crock.

A true diva.

Such a shame this spunk was gone by Atlanta.

The Brazilian program.

Edgy Kristi.



  1. OMG! I have just fallen in love all over again! I'd never seen Kurt's "Singing in the Rain"...that was WONDERFUL!! I loved the set (incredible!), the rain, I love Gene Kelly, and Kurt was wow. That's a new favorite on my YouTube list. I think I might repost this video on my blog. Thanks for that AJ!

  2. Oh Sasha. Why is life so cruel?

  3. @10:41

    At least unlike Yagudin Sasha does not have a degenerative bone condition (that was Yagudin's issue, right?).

    As glad as I am to have the videos of Alexi's great performances from the past, it still somewhat breaks my heart that his serious skating career was cut short, as he just seemed to LOVE it so much.