Tuesday, October 25, 2011




  1. I forgot your e-mail, AJ, so I'm posting here:
    Have you heard about Bolero, an upcoming Russian TV dance show pairing male figure skaters with ballerinas (including one of your faves, Natalia Osipova!)?

    Here's the forum thread over at Ballet Alert:

    Here's the address for the show, in Russian (with a trailer):

    I am excited and hope this will be on Youtube. I will be eagerly awaiting the performances of Osipova and Evgenia Obraztsova (whom you might remember from the 'Ballerina' documentary). I am internally squeeing right now. :)

  2. UGH. What a *horrible* rendition of I Have Nothing. If you can't belt, you can't sing that song. And she was completely emotionless and couldn't deliver on the key change. Terrible.

  3. I liked Melanie's performance generally speaking. Kudos for Paula for the work that made the groups at least presentable and likeable as people. (Usually they're just tragic on the show.) I was kind of hoping Rachel Crowe would get the boot and get picked up by Disney already but I guess I'll have to wait longer for that to happen.