Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exceptional Gay Moment: Julianne Returns to DWTS

Judge me as you will, but I love a wonderfully bad dance movie.  I know Julianne may not be the world's greatest actress, but I can't help loving her.  I'm not exactly going to go purchase one of her country albums, but I do have plans for Friday night.

The two best dancers in the show's history are always top notch.  What is truly incredible is that they always live up to and surpass expectations when dancing together.  Is Julianne the better Hough?  Is Derek better because he is still training and improving?  Bottom line, we've missed Julianne dancing in our lives.  I need more of Julianne than just her workout videos.

And the girl even grabbed Len's butt...priceless!!


  1. I saw the remake of Footloose last weekend - j'adore! Hope you enjoy it too.

  2. I love Julianne and it was so great to see her last night, especially dancing with Derek. What a brilliant pair of talented kids.