Thursday, October 27, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!: Friends' Edition Part 2

I interjected one of my own favorite things, as I am learning to be a Russian diva on the ice and can't get enough of Tamara Moskvina (nee: Bratus.)

My friends at it...pestering me with their favorites yet again!

This video made LuSpinda Ruthless want to be a pairs skater.  Notice he didn't pick the program with the pit stains.

I wanted to post videos of things other than Kwan, Liukin and Khorkina...but I will post Kwan for my beloved Della Bella.  Dell is just too fabulous and one of the skating world's true gems.  Even Della Bella has been willing to provide a non-Kwan video and her choice is Matt Savoie's meaningful performance to The Mission at 2006 Nationals.  J'adore.

Romanza gets voidy with this classic floor routine.

Lautowa loves himself some voidy skaters.  All of his favorites are ladies with real Lutzes.  You really have to respect a lady who can rock leopard print and Yanni at the same time.  Quite the juxtaposition.

WestPalmBitch's Husband

Ioana provides this gem of a program...even if it gave my first love a heart attack that she had no shot of winning in Albertville.

Laura earned my eternal love for her choice for this week.

Wally, the coiner of 'Marlie,' has done it again.  This week's choice of Sazonenkova's performance to Bach's Prelude #2 in C Minor is an absolute winner.

With this selection, Tarasova's Mink has inspired me to buy a black Under Armour shirt and have a Paul Wylie Henry V moment at the rink tomorrow.  I love him for that.  It almost makes me choke up like Scott Hamilton.

Tarasova's Mink inspired me so much with Henry V this week, I'm giving him a second pick:

For the US Open Line Judge


  1. Wow -- I had no idea Tamara Moskvina was such a strong singles skater. And a Bielmann spin before it was even invented! Awesome.

  2. Oh Jeffy, how I miss you on the eligible scene!!! Love his Ina Bauers, guyrals (guy + spiral = guyral), all his in betweens, and everything.

    I could watch Matt "Undermarked My Whole Career and Should Have Been 2006 US Champ, Even with the Fall" Savoie's Mission LP again and again. And I have.

  3. pfffffffffffff I was going to go with some Jeff Buttle! that spread eagle..............

  4. >>\I could watch Matt "Undermarked My Whole Career and Should Have Been 2006 US Champ, Even with the Fall" Savoie's Mission LP again and again. And I have.

    His sensibilities and execution, even while under the then 'new' system, were just sublime.
    SO MISS HIM!! :**************-(

  5. Oh laws - Jeff's orgasmic knee/arm bend down the ice. How are we not supposed to faint with longing? And then there's Matt "Jobbed" Savoie. But really the cherry on top of this Friday sundae is Olga M. You know, I've kind of missed her. Never forget, she "designed her own costumes!"

  6. Dell has lowered her standards if she is friends with Aunt Joyce. One of the only true classy people from the MKForum along with Kwanette) I now have to wonder about her since she obviously has no taste in friends.

  7. They've known each other for a few years now. She has been referenced on here since the beginning.

  8. Love Savoie too! Some great picks here.

  9. Love Jamie and David here. The quality of their skating, the speed, the ease and connecting moves...pair skating was so beautiful then.

  10. Alyssa cziny all the way this weekend what about that shell win

  11. Just a long time fan here, not a skating expert. But, I thought the "Bielmann spin" was attributed to Denise Bielmann but here Moskvina is doing it.