Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scenes From Men's Qualifying

We are all just lucky to be witnessing the master that is Kohei Uchimura.  Years from now, we will still be studying how he trained, how he developed and what he did to stay healthy.


Koji Yamamuro

Steve Legendre

John Orozco

Marian Dragulescu

Flavius Koczi

Philipp Boy

Fabian Hambuechen

Krisztian Berki


  1. I love John Orozco so much I can't bear it. I am so proud of him. What a wonderful person and athlete!

  2. Uchimura's performance is just beautiful! True Japanese Gymnastics to its core, Gorgeous balance and coordination! Another Worlds in the bag!! Yamamuro though is quite promising, i wish all our Men all the best on each of their events this Worlds, and hopefully all the way to London... Thanks for the live result score links!

  3. Steven Legendre is Justin Springs with a mask. triple double on floor...check. inconsistent...check. Kolman on HB...check. triple back dismount...check. 7.0 VT...check.

    Bless Flavius's undermuscled heart for trying...but those vaults are fugly.

  4. I forgot, bad on PH...check.

  5. Aryan teammates screaming orders in German! A comedian's gotta do a parody.