Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This and That

Shawn Johnson, Skating With The Stars, Beth Twedde and more!

Skating With The Stars Practice Photos:

Shawn Johnson Training Photos  (Gabby Douglas is visible in some photos)

Never one to miss an opportunity for getting his photo in the paper, Johnny Weir dressed in character for the Harry Potter premiere.  His uber fans will want you to know that any suggestions that he is just trying to be an attention whore are completely false: he's just being Johnny ;)

Johnny Weir wants us to be impressed that he got his ass to the rink and is landing Triple Axels.  We are supposed to ooh and aah, because it isn't like he competed in the Olympics just nine months ago...  Next he'll show us a three jump combo!

Aly Raisman Profile (with training clips)

A Day With Beth Tweddle:

Natalia Joura competed at Trophee Massilia this weekend.  Her future appeared in doubt for a while, but she looks positively ready for some Peggy Liddick torture.


  1. Way to go on that split leap, Shawn. Nice to see you're back in your old form.

  2. Love this and that posts!

  3. Actually, I am impressed by Johnny's triple axels because he hasn't done crap except triple toes since February. You can't expect him to just maintain these skills when he's romping around the country media-whoring and doing just the bare minimum training he has to do for all his shows. If he was simply still training for just shows, he wouldn't be bothered with triple axels. Johnny's actually making real time for consistent training now, and it shows in his ability to do more than triple toe now. Proud of him.

    What character was Johnny dressing up like exactly? He looks ridiculously strange.

    Natalia looks a lot like Daria!

  4. Maybe this will prove to Johnny that you do not have to live on a daily diet of coffee and half a slice of meat to be able to do a 3A.

    But seriously, it must be fun for him to get his 3A back. Yeah, he's never stopped training since the Olys, but he wasn't doing 3As.

  5. Johnson's heading back to the Karolyi Ranch apparently. Check it out:

  6. You go Shawn! I find it ironic and cool that her ACL injury was the very thing that convinced her to get back into gymnastics. It's like it taught her not to take that talent she has for granted. If you are healthy enough to do it, do it!

  7. Proud of Johnny, they looked great too. He's even doing combinations. The trtoe was slightly cheated but he looks smooth and steady. With everything he has on his plate it was definitely a question whether or not he could consistently train to maintain his elite skills. He's been all over the place lately, but I'm really glad he's making it a priority of his. Good for him.

  8. Oooohh.....Ahhhhhh.....

    At least, him showing his TripleA was worth it for you to include in your post. Tells something.
    For someone who is bored with all these tiresome questions about him and his "media whoredom" as you call it you´re still wasting some time posting about him or,like I said, answering questions.

  9. His renewed ability to do a 3A puts him ahead of a certain overmarked Canadian skater anyway...

  10. natalia dosent need peggey. her dad is torture enough.

  11. Good to see that Shawn's regained her flexibility in her legs....

    Seriously Shawn, you need to be sitting in splits with properly rotated hips from now until 2012. Do it while you're watching the DWTS result show and tweeting the results at EST time. Do it for my eyes and for America.

  12. The saddest thing about the recent videos of Shawn Johnson? The difference between these training videos, and the ones done for fluff pieces before 2008. Even in just two-plus years you can see the change from a joyous kid enjoying her sport give way to strain and pressure. She looks like she's aged 10 years. Sad to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWzciGnART0&NR=1

  13. Are you kidding me? Shawn has been having a ball during the comeback... Yes, she has to be serious in the gym and she has a lot of work ahead of her to get back in shape. But anything now is icing on the cake. I like that Shawn is finally being REAL rather than rehearsed and phony like she used to be. This is hard work, but it's obviously very rewarding and special for her to be doing this.