Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This and That

Tara Lipinski was invited to USC Annenberg School for a conversation about the story of sports.

"I've known Tara since she was 10.  Now she looks 12."- Pat O'Brien

Tara starts speaking at 23:42.  Note how long it takes for her to mention the media not believing in her and blindly supporting Michelle Kwan after '98 Nationals.  She blames her loss on a fall.

Pat shares a fun Tonya Harding story at 26:30

Illinois intrasquad, Bethenny Frankel, Samantha Cesario, Elyse Hopfner Hibbs and more!

Lu Shanzhen told IG that the Chinese women have a LONG way to go.  He is not pleased with Jiang Yuyuan or Huang Qiushuang.  He told IG that Huang needs psychological counseling and guidance.

Sasha Cohen's latest interview on Ice Network.

Shannon Miller discusses her wins at '93 and '96 Nationals

Bethenny Frankel's charming package and performance on Skating With The Stars (minus the shoulders.)

Miss Val tweeted that they have decided to ditch Elyse Hopfner Hibb's Smooth Criminal floor routine after weeks of tweaking and tweaking it.

University of Illinois Intrasquad:

Floor Exercise

Pommel Horse



High Bar:

Samantha Cesario's short program from Eastern Sectionals:

What The Buck's SWTS Premiere Review:


  1. The SWTS contestants just aren't very likable. It was so awkward when Bethenney was like, "That means we suck". It was almost as if she was mocking the scores (which may actually be appropriate, but just not while being interviewed on TV). Sean Young was overly arrogant with her "What edge DON'T I have over everyone else?" And I heard that Brandon guy on the radio and he was talking about his acting credentials as if he was Denzel Washington. Just full of himself. I didn't like all the annoying looks his was giving the camera either. And Jonny Moseley seemed alright... so did Rebecca! She seemed genuinely interested in pair skating. But overall, just no.

  2. Was Elyse Hopfner Hibb's Smooth Criminal that bad that they threw it out even after tweaking it? I figure that music is workable in college gym, but I guess not.

    What does the Chinese coach expect of JYY and Huang? It's after Worlds and and they need time to rest now. No sense of worrying publicly about their ability level now.

    Lipinski did fall in the short at 98 Nationals. Did she win the long? I can't remember, but I know she did 7 triples.

  3. Lipinski did not win the long. She was outscored by quite a bit.

    JYY and HQS are always inconsistent, especially HQS.

  4. Did anyone else crack up near the end of that panel discussion when Lipinski started talking about how it wasn't an age issue -- you can be young and accomplish stuff, "just make sure you know what you're talking about." Was it just me, or was she waaay outclassed on this panel? Also, totally deluded to even suggest that she lost '98 Nationals due to a fall. Michelle's string of 6.0s had nothing to do with. Oh well. At least no one can take away her gold!

  5. The last minute -- or especially the last 30 seconds -- of What the Buck were the best!

  6. She is delusional but I blame the judges for giving a little girl who in my opinion had no business winning the Olympics. This whole delusional moment will live on and on because of the Olympics. I think it all a mistake for her to win. They didn't learn from Oksana whom I thought shouldn't have won although I was more of a fan of Oksana and not of Nancy. To me they made their last mistake with Sarah who should have been 10th after the short program.

  7. Anyone know of a video online of Elyse Hopfner Hibb's Smooth Criminal routine? I'd love to see it!

  8. I loved EHH's routine, but you know Val, if she thinks she can do better, she will!

  9. Michelle's short and long at '98 Nationals are the combined best skating performances of all time. Tara couldn't have beaten Michelle if she had done three triple-triples.