Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This and That

Yu-Na's new music is National News in South Korea.  Even with a potential war on the horizon, YNK's new music is still of utmost importance.  Peter Oppegard looks like he is really paying attention to all of the little details.  It helps to have a coach who is also a choreographer.

Members past and present of the USA Men's National Team performed in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  The director sure liked zooming in on David Durante.  Most of the others were barely even visible.

The Shibutanis spoke to Sarah and Drew about the Grand Prix.

Skaters LOVE KFC (and Jeremy is some actor!):

Pandora's Jewelry:

Jeremy Abbott in Unforgettable Holiday Moments On Ice:

Miranda Meyer may just be the next hot junior from the Great White North.  Val Kondos will have her verbally commit any day now.

Drew Meekins and Alex Johnson played around on the ice yesterday:


  1. RE KFC: It was hilarious to see how they picked around on their plates like good ED candidates.
    Saw only ONE person actually attempting to eat the chicken (& looks like they avoided the skin), only one seen eating a bite of roll.
    AS IF skaters (who lick CheetoDust off a Cheeto & call it dinner)would ACTUALLY EAT KFC!

  2. Miranda has great skill. Just weak on the leap flexibility.