Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NCAA Update

The Gym Dogs' recent floor intrasquad.  Christa Tanella seems to be gaining some power to go along with her new body.  There is no sign of Kaylan Earls, but the rest of the team looks fit.  Hilary Mauro, Cassidy McComb and Kat Ding look to be leading by example.  Shayla Worley was named "Gym Dog of the Week" last week for her leadership and commitment to the team.  Noel Couch looks as solid and sloppy as ever.

Recent UCLA signee Peng Peng Lee earned herself a spot at Elite Canada this past weekend.  Peng Peng performed a Yurchenko Full on vault, Bhardwaj and shaposhnikova on bars, aerial+layout and homma flairs on beam, and a 1 1/2 step out through to double full and double pike on floor exercise.

Aly Raisman visited UF this weekend.  The Jewess has tons of family in the state (go figure!)  Macko Caquatto was also on campus bonding with her future teammates (and helping to sway the noted recruit.)

In other shocking news, Blahtah videos have been posted.

Corrie Lothrop

Gael Mackie

Kyndal Robarts

Jacq Johnson

Cortni Beers

Stephanie McAllister

Nansy Damianova

Mary Beth Lofgren

Bama had a vault intrasquad.  It was a mixed bag, as the first two girls looked lucky to make it over the table:


  1. I really wish they would devalue the Y full. I would even mind something like a 9.95 start value, so its still worth doing, but gymnasts are encouraged to go for a more difficult vault if they are capable. At least Bama is getting Diandra Milliner in Dec., and she vaults a very good Y 1.5.

    I hope Earls and Nuccio aren't injured. UGA looks like they have a decent core to the team, but little depth.

    As for Utah, their bars look better than before, but those leaps need a TON of work. I can't tell if the choreo is just bad or if the routines are lackluster because the girls simply aren't committing to it.

  2. Random observation but I feel like the Bama board setting is REALLY close to the table. Any idea why?

  3. Wow, I just looked and it does look really freaking close. Is it maybe the camera angle? That looks like how close I set mine, and I'm an adult with just a front handspring.