Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris Press Conferences

Pairs Short Press Conference

Men's Short Press Conference

Ice Dance Short Dance Press Conference

Ladies' Short Press Conference


  1. I don't understand how Korpi is in the lead. I know she did a 3-3, but it was a 3T-3T.

  2. Sure, it's a 3T+3T, but it's more than what a 3Lz+2T is. If it were so easy, we'd have every lady doing them.

    Alissa had a big mistake on her lutz and Mirai under-rotated her flip.

  3. Mirai's problems with her usually spectacular spins seems a fluke. I'm sure she'll get them back by Nationals. Perhaps Mirai should consider a a 3T-3T. Her lutz keeps getting edge calls and urs are still a problem but there's time-she's only just coming back. Kiira is a lovely skater (and beautiful girl). I love Mirai she's my current fave but I think Korpi deserved her win here.