Thursday, November 25, 2010

This and That

Mao Asada practices her long program at TEB.  She did a program without jumps so she could keep us all on edge for fantasy skating.

Brian Joubert practicing.

The Canadians are a curious people.  They like to confuse us all by coining their Elite Canada Selection Meet "Tour Selection."  Unless touring the tundra sounds exciting for you, I feel a bit confused by this.  I was ready to get going somewhere fun...maybe a nice holiday with Saadi in the Sahara?  Sadly, no.  Saadi's top pupil, is returning from injury and you know she is having springboards thrown at her until her elite body's back.





Kudos to Victoria for having such original floor music.

Kiri Baga withdrew from the Junior Grand Prix Final due to injury.  She hopes to compete at Nationals.

Jeff Buttle has joined the Stars On Ice creative team.  Now if only they'll have him join the American tour!

Belu has his girls upgrading their asses off to be competitive for 2011.  They mission is to upgrade vault, beam and floor.  Lord knows they have no business touching bars.  Diana Chelaru is training a layout full-in, while Larissa Iordache is perfecting a Silivas and 3 1/2 twist.

Marlie are marching in a Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit on a 'Let Freedom Ring' float.

Tara Lipinski is holding a Champs Skating Camp this June.  Part of me really wants to go and talk about what to do when the media is saying you can't win Olympic Gold.  Maybe we could also hear new reasons on why Tara turned professional and left Stars On Ice (except of course, the actual ones.)  There is a tween part of me that actually wants to go.  The camp is for all ages and abilities.

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  1. If this Tour Selection meet is in Ontario it is also for provincial levels 7, 8 and 9 as well as high performance etc. The top six in categories get to go away to competitions (always in the US I believe) so apart from elites using as a qualifier or something the lower categories get to do extra fun meets "abroad" and wear Ontario/Canada suits etc.

  2. Mao really ruined my fantasy skating the first time, and for some reason a skater not practicing her jumps makes me even more nervouse to pick her asmy choice for fantasy skating. I went for broke and chose Mirai (surely now Mao will land all her jumps, 'cause that's just my luck)

  3. love mao FS, it's has soo many details in it... and it feels really natural watching her, I can't wait to see her at TEB, I am rooting for her!!!

  4. I DON'T KNOW WHO TO PICK FOR MY FANTASY TEAM!! Mao? Czisny? Nagasu? I love it. Any of them could beat each other here.

    Isn't it obvious that Tara stopped SOI because of her awful injury situation? Her hip was in pretty dire condition. It really wasn't wise to do a million 3 loop-3 loops everyday when she was young.

  5. Tara was also anorexic to the point where she had to get professional treatment.