Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ghost vs. Goblins

Sarah Patterson's ladies held their annual Ghost v. Goblins intrasquad, which is always a bit early.  Many of the skills reported tend to be on soft mats, on mats over pits, etc.  Not all routines are performed with full difficulty, so it is difficult to know where the team is actually at as a whole.

What we do know:

- Geralen Stack Eaton is using Tango De Roxanne...because that hasn't been done a million times.  Lou's own club mate, Krista Jasper earned raves for her rendition back in 2002.  One would think a Parkette would be a bit sick of cliched show tunes by now.

-The gymnasts look like they're back to eating dorm food.

-Ashley Priess' floor routine looks campy as all get out.

-Priess and Stack Eaton look set to contribute a great deal once again.

-One gymnast had the nerve to use Requiem For A Dream a year after Anna Li performed her signature routine.

-It looks like yet another year of fabulous trashy from our girls.

-Ashley Sledge looks like she may be filling the Morgan Dennis role on the team this season.  Sarah has never met a black girl who she didn't want to put at the end of the floor and vault lineup.


  1. I think that's Hoffman using Requiem.

  2. "Sarah has never met a black girl who she didn't want to put at the end of the floor and vault lineup." - funny but true

  3. Yeah, thats Kayla Hoffmman using Requiem, and I like Kayla, but REALLY? I can't even get mad about Stack-Eaton's music, I'm just thrilled that it looks The Whisper song is gone from her routine. Now, THAT was the definition of trashy! I doubt Bama will ever have decent choreo under Dana Dabranski, but moving away from all that trashy hip hop is a start (and I like hip hop and rap, but not in FX routines).

    Most of the girls look ok in terms of fitness, but Priess does not look to be in shape at all. She was already the weakest vaulter in their lineup last year, so I wonder if she'll keep her AA spot if she doesn't round into shape.

  4. Requiem should just not be allowed anymore.

  5. I personally think that no one has done justice to requiem, certainly not anna li, I never saw the hype over it, It was a nice routine. It will never become a classic like Blues for Klook, Carmen, or Swan Lake.

  6. Was that priess with the frizzed out hair? Please tell me she did that on purpose!

    Am suprised that Bama didn't keep up with times and make it zombies vs werewolves or vampires or something. I guess you lose the alliteration that way.

    Anyway AJ still waiting on your snarkacular send up of the bruins 2010-11 team. A little birdie told me there's now 11 gymnasts mounting with E passes and Zama's still recovering from the summer.

  7. Yep, Ashley Sledge looks like she's stepping into the Dennis-Miles-Pickens anchor role lol! I will say that Ashley showed more personality in that 3 second clip than Morgan did in four years on floor. I could watch Morgan throw double layouts all day, but the poor girl was stiff as a board in her 'dance'.

  8. The moment I heard "We No Speak Americano" i knew i'd probably hear it three or four times at nationals. It's still stuck in my head.

    Requiem is a hugely popular song in Alabama as it is used for the Football team's pregame video.

    I also think retiring a song like a jersey # just because some girl was supposedly the "be all end all" at it is beyond stupid.