Sunday, November 14, 2010

This and That

The closest most members of the USA National Team will ever get to hot chicks.  The show will air November 30th on CBS.  Including shirtless Steve McCain!

Stars On Ice 25 Begins!

Photos from the Stars On Ice rehearsals.  The confirmed cast thus far includes: Evan Lysacek, Belgosto, Sasha Cohen, Kurt Browning, Sale and Pelletier, Michael Weiss, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Todd Eldredge, Joannie Rochette and Michael Weiss.  I am certainly going to make it this year, as one never knows how many more opportunities there will be to see Kurt and Katia skate live.  The cast is a strong one, but we can only hope Jeff Buttle is added to cities as well as some top skaters after Worlds...cough Marlie cough.  The wonderful Rene Roca is choreographing for the 25th anniversary tour.  This should be very promising.

Bryce Davison is out for the season.  Jessica Dube has decided to compete singles this season.  This should be a sight.

Tanith Belbin will be the color commentator on Skating With The Stars.  This marks a substantial career opportunity for Tanith, who seems destined to be an entertainment or sports correspondent for years to come.

Mattie Larson returned to AOGC. The motivation behind the reconciliation remains unclear.

Randy Stageberg is performing better in preseason and is fighting for a spot in the beam and floor lineups.  She may see some action depending on the opponent this season.  Alaina Johnson is looking strong, but is currently resting a bruised rib for two weeks.

Lauren Mitchell dominated a depleted field in Stuttgart.  Lauren captured gold on bars, beam and floor.




Philipp Boy captured gold on high bar.

Viktoria Komova placed first on bars and second on beam at this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.  Aliya Mustafina erred to finish fourth on bars, but came back to finish first on beam with a new double turn+left turn combination and a new side aerial to one foot.

Viktoria Komova- UB:

Aliya Mustafina-BB:

Casey Jo Magee continues to train elite and has some new skills.

Gainer 2 1/2 Dismount off beam

Triple Turn on beam


Shootover To Deltchev

Beam Routine:


  1. Why do the US gymnasts compete so little? If all the top gymnasts attended the Grand Prix/World Cup meets, perhaps they could set up some legit type of series like you see in figure skating. But, this stuff should really be before Worlds, not after.

    The US gymnasts did Pac, Classic, Nationals, Worlds.. 2 girls get to do American Cup, some went to Italy.. and that's pretty much it. More competitions are held at the ranch!

  2. What's the D-score on Casey Jo's beam routine? That mount is awesome.

  3. Love Casey Jo's upgrades!!!