Sunday, November 14, 2010

Battle of the Blades

Valeri Bure fell.  Katia and Val will have to escape death yet again.  They are either hot or not with the judges.


  1. They have hockey players judging a figure skating show? Very credible. lol.

    haha, Valeri seems a bit P.O.ed that she goes home a lot.

    I don't know how these shows get ratings. A hockey player is great on skates, but still can really only do a bare minimum as a figure skater.

  2. This show gets ratings because Canadians love both hockey and figure skating -- but especially hockey. That's why the show has hockey stars on to compete and judge. It's fun and entertaining to watch the two worlds come together, and to see tough hockey players broadening their horizons. I don't think the appeal is much of a mystery.

  3. I'm American and I love seeing the two worlds collide! It's a fun idea. I really hope Val and Katia make it, IMO they have the best chemistry and routines.

  4. Sorry, C, didn't mean to imply Americans or others wouldn't enjoy the show also. :) I think also one of the reasons it gets great ratings is because they have A list talent from both sports.

    I agree that Katia and Val are the best. I'm doubtful they'll win simply because they're both Russian and the teams featuring Canadians might do better due to regional voting (e.g. Saskatchewan voting for Kelly Chase and Kyoko Ina).

    I went to a taping of the show a few weeks ago and it was a blast. Chatted with Scott Moir and Jessica Dube in the audience. They were super sweet kids.

    I think the show is great for skating in Canada.

  5. No worries, Anon! :) I'm super jealous of all you Canadians who get to watch it on CBC. :(