Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This and That

The shocking elimination.  Derek's reaction is priceless.  Even Kristi Yamaguchi and other usually politically correct pros expressed shock on twitter.

DWTS, Asian Games, Cup of Russia and more!

Given that Bristol has had the lowest scores each and every week, one needs to be concerned whether the bloc Tea party support will vote her to a Mirror Ball Trophy after managing to keep her in after dressing up as a gorilla, horrific dancing and a dishrag personality.  After seeing her mother on camera every week, I'm more convinced than ever that she'd make a great talk show host or actress.  Sadly, Bristol did not get her charisma.  We will have to organize a mass vote for Jennifer Grey and all that is right with the world.

Check out Bristol's acting in her latest PSA:

The Gym Dogs are ready to return in the position of underdogs.  Jay Clark is lauding Cassidy McComb's leadership when he should be lauding her for getting her ass into shape for her senior season. It remains unknown if Gina Nuccio is actually injured or if Jay is just talking from typical past experience.  He did say that they'd be taking less risk this season.

Noel Couch had the nerve to criticize her sister's dancing in her latest blog entry.

Rebecca Budig discussed training for Skating With The Stars with TV Guide.  Her partner is officially yumtastic.

Cup of Russia Streaming Times (Eastern)
Friday, Nov. 19
7:00 a.m.: Men's short program
8:50 a.m.: Pairs short program
11:00 a.m.: Ladies short program
12:50 p.m.: Short dance

Saturday, Nov. 20
6:45 a.m.: Men's free skate
9:00 a.m.: Pairs free skate
10:40 a.m.: Ladies free skate
12:40 p.m.: Free dance

Sui Lu earned two more gold medals at the Asian Games.
Beam Finals:

Floor Finals:

Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke rocked their Design-A-Dance on last night's much-talked-about results show.

Brandy and Maks on Jimmy Kimmel


  1. Sui Lu, the first BB performer, was amazing! WOW! Such elan and poise. Simply spectacular.

  2. Brandy took herself too seriously and Max talked back to Carrie Ann. I think that took away some of their votes.

    Sui Lu is great on beam and floor.

  3. i HATE the chest landings...I realize it's to show connection but

  4. Reap what you sow, reality TV. That show's always been a joke anyway. Shawn J winning the season after the Olympics is perfect proof. Acting like there's any validity in their true nature as "dancers" is like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

    If they wanted to change the game, let people vote internationally. Let he who can slam the call center the hardest win!!!

  5. It's pretty sad how conservatives always want to prop up incompetent boobs because their bloodline. Maybe DWTS should invite dubya to be on the show. it's not like he's got anything better to do.


    The show arguably jumped the shark with Delay.

    Now this poor girl (clearly PREGNANT-NO other explanation for the weight GAIN)(with all the interpersonal cachet of a Brown Swiss- with apologies to bovines everywhere) is forced to haul her carcass (plus baby) around week after week, to carry the torch for the teabaggers or else be labeled with the 'quitter' label that she'd share with Mom.