Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This and That

Voir delivered an intriguing interview in promotion of their new book.  It certainly has me wanting to buy their autobiography.  They discuss how their relationship nearly fell apart during the 08-09 season and how much of an issue Tessa's shins have actually been.

The judges at NHK answered our prayers.  They gave Marlie feedback that their tango is almost too busy.  The program will have some edits made.  Watching the program, I liked it but wanted to take a pencil and an eraser and make some serious edits to the program.  I didn't have the urge to make cross-outs in red pen.

An interview with Kohei Uchimura from a year ago.

Pechalat and Bourzat look to keep their winning streak alive.

Fantasy is up for week three.  I am currently ahead of Axels, Loops and Spins, Falling Leaves (Gaysian Attorney), Vanessa Riley (Margaret Thatcher) and Virtual Ice (WestPalmBitch.)  Selecting Grant Hochstein and Cynthia Phaneuf cost me a few points this week.

Tony Wheeler sits in a tie for 8th after Skate Canada, while I am in a tie for 22nd.  It is not a surprise that Tony did so well at Skate Canada, as he and Debbi Wilkes share a brain.  I think it is quite possible that he may even be part Canadian or a spy for Skate Canada.

I am certainly ecstatic about being ahead of Gaysian Attorney who made the fatal mistake of selecting Sarah Meier.  It will hold him down for a bit, but these things tend to even out.  Picking a skater who withdraws sucks, but I have to laugh at the decision to select Sarah in the first place.  In the words of Margaret Thatcher, "she is a hag who never even was."

I do need to have a hearty chuckle about some of the Fantasy picks posted on youtube.  Posting your fantasy picks could be a bit of a mistake, as I will seriously judge you by them.  One girl posted an unnecessarily long video where she said she was selecting Alexe Gilles over Agnes Zawadzki because she had more experience.  Ay dios mio.  This is why some people should keep their picks to themselves.

Blahtah had an intrasquad recently.  Greg posted their best videos in youtube.  They always look so good in the preseason when they're vaulting on soft mats.  They do a bunch of difficulty that they never manage after that pesky Christmas break.  The Gym Dogs certainly look capable of defeating Blahtah in Athens this season.

Corrie Lothrop:

Gael Mackie suffered a third degree ankle sprain this summer and has only been doing bars.


  1. A 3rd degree ankle sprain? Ouch. I don't even know what that is.

  2. I bought a copy of the Voir book and finished reading it yesterday. The first part about them as children makes me smile from pure cuteness. Especially the part when Tessa wrote in grade 1 that her goal was to go to the Olympics with Scott's brother, Danny. And that picture which was Scott's school photo at the age of 12 or something with a little note attached saying, "Tessa, Here is my picture. To the best partner EVER. Love, Scott"

  3. They certainly grow them big in Utah... jesus.

  4. Voir interview was awesome! Weird that they stopped speaking after her surgery, really weird. But I find her being with Pelletier equally weird so..

    At least they know now that you shouldn't ignore someone after they have surgery. lol

  5. Lia del Priore is a brick house, yeesh, GIRTH!

  6. Hahaha. That fantasy picks girl is smart about skating though. I follow her twitter.

  7. Does that mean we won't see Gael's coreography on floor... :(

  8. After reading that interview with Tessa and Scott and seeing some of these ridiculously inflated scores at competitions, I'm beginning to think judges should be banned from watching practices.

  9. Utah couldn't be more unoriginal, even if Greg got a nappy red wig, a white pant suit, some fake pearls, and a fat tube of burgundy lipstick. I don't know how anyone finds their gymnastics interesting. Of course, NCAA isn't about that... it's about consistency. Consistently being BORING. I guess that's what happens when the Mormons are in charge.