Sunday, November 14, 2010

Skate America - Men's Results

"She was like 'he used to represent the US, but he is a traitor. I saw the movie Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck, and I know how they are.'" - Margaret Thatcher recapping Tonia Kwaitkowski's commentary during Daisuke Murakami's freeskate.

Congrats to the Persian Prince on his first GP Series medal.


  1. Can anyone explain how Moore-Towers and Moskovitch always (thus far) seem to get higher scores than expected?

  2. Hooray for Persian Prince! : D He was wonderful.

  3. I just can't get into Oda. It's weird because he doesn't look old enough for a serious girlfriend let alone married with child. He has the spectacular jumps but he just looks like a little boy so I can't say I'm sorry he miscalculated for the 5th time. Plus I love Takahashi.