Sunday, November 14, 2010

NCAA Update

The Gym Dogs focused on execution this week.  (They also signed Chelsea Davis and Sarah Persinger.)  Overall, the team is rounding into form.  Cassidy McComb is in the best shape she has been in since 2008, which is amazing for the team.  If McComb can be at her best, she will be a huge asset to the team.

Kat Ding is taking her gainer front flip noticeably higher and avoiding a landing deduction.  She looks prepared to compete in the all-around and be the leader the team needs her to be.  Gina Nuccio is looking strong, as are Hilary Mauro and Noel Couch.

Christa Tanella still looks sluggish, but she is shown training three events.

Shayla Worley is shown performing a front double full on floor, which is a genius pass for her.  Shay's back needs to be taken care of, as does the rest of her body.  Doing the bigger tumbling passes will strain her fragile body.  A front double full and double pike will be enough difficulty for Shay to score in the 9.900 range with her gorgeous dance and strong presentation.

Kaylan Earls is not shown, which raises some question marks.  Is she injured?  Noel Couch was even shown in a video focused on execution...

The UCLA Bruins held an intrasquad.  Elyse Hopfner Hibbs performed a double layout on floor.  Aisha Gerber competed all four events strongly and Allison Taylor performed a double arabian half out bar dismount.  It is cute that they still pretend every fall that she will earn a spot in the bar lineup.  Monique De La Torre competed a full twisting double layout bar dismount.

The Bruins signed Peng Peng Lee, Cassie Whitcomb and Dana McDonald.  Peng Peng hasn't competed in ages, but they really only need her to be solid on beam, where they are losing two stable walk-ons.  Peng Peng has the added bonus of being a Canadian formerly coached by one of Val's BFFs (Carol-Angela Orchard.)

The Boomer Sooners posted photos and videos of their latest intrasquad on their blog.  KJ Kindler is working her gymnasts' asses off to get them back to the top without Hollie Vise.  With or without Hollie, KJ is here to stay in the Super Six.


  1. Everyone is talking about how awesome the recruiting classes graduating in 2011 are for Florida, UCLA and Alabama ...but Oklahoma has KJ Kindler (and Lou and Tom)...along as Oklahoma has KJ, doesn't matter who they recruit, they will make the super six or have a good shot at it. She is the only NCAA coach that has taken two different teams into the Super Six and in 4 years at one place and 5 years in another. And the schools didn't even start out in the top 10! Amazing! (Not dissing those other schools that also have good coaching)

  2. ..excuse me..'as long as' instead of along as, too early in the morning..

  3. Are they still doing the Super 6? Didn't they change it to four?

  4. KJ is remarkable no doubt, but you have to remember that NCAA Gymnastics is still young. Many programs still have only ever had one coach or coaches with tenures from the 80s. There is little doubt in my mind that Sarah, Greg, Suzanne or Val could not command another program to the super six.

    In essence, KJ is good, maybe even great, but she's not magic.

  5. Funny to see Peng Peng Lee come back from out of nowhwere. She was such a delightfully spazzy exuberant mess of a junior I'd be interested to see how she fares as a bruin. They will need on her on beam for sure, although I think Pezsek could end up being a good beamer for UCLA as well. She is very aggressive and competitive on beam.

  6. The layout step out at 1:33 warms my heart so. Wish more gymnasts would do that!