Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DWTS: The Finale

Part one of the Dancing With The Stars Finale is behind us and we are left to wonder if the American public did the right thing.  Dancing With The Stars is about the best ballroom dancer.  Yes, it is a popularity contest, but it is not a political movement.  Several conservative websites list phone numbers and instructions to vote with fake email addresses for "their Bristol."  This finale truly is the "most talked about" yet, as heads may explode based on tonight's potential results.

Improvement is always a relative term.  Bristol Palin very well may be the "most improved" this season, but it does not mean that she is worthy of being in the finals or even a good dancer.  Bristol's Jive was definitely better than the week she dressed up as a gorilla.  Call me stunned because the girl actually showed some facial expressions!  In terms of footwork, the Jive didn't have much "bounce to the ounce."  Her kicks could've been much bigger and crisper.  Kudos to Mark Ballas for working overtime, as there were moments that Bristol was actually entertaining for the right reasons.  During a normal week, the dance would've been in the '7' and '8' range, but it is the finals, so all scores are inflated to make it appear that the stars have gone through a profound transforming journey.

For as much expression as Bristol mustered in her Jive, I actually thought for a brief moment that she might pull off an entertaining freestyle.  It was not the case.  Bristol tried to perform "Cell Block Tango" with blank facial expression.  Bristol spent con siderable time putting her linebacker shoulders to use by dragging Mark Ballas around the dance floor.  It was not a good freestyle in the least.  In terms of presentation, the dance was weak.  Receiving two '8s' for the freestyle is not good news for Bristol.  While the viewer vote counts for 50%, she already has to overcome an eight point deficit.  Should she scored with remote fairness tonight,  the deficit could very well be too much to overcome.

Kyle Massey may not have technique, but he sure has crowd appeal.  It is hard not to love him.  Lacey has learned the hard way during her tenure on the show.  She no longer appears to be the black sheep.  "Feeling Good" was a perfect song for Kyle's personality.  Carrie Ann blamed Len's advice for the performance being too restrained.

Kyle performed "Tootsie Roll" like only a fat kid could.  There was minimal ballroom content, lots of personality, loads of booty shakin and ass slapping to boot!  Carrie Ann was brought back to her days as a Fly Girl.  Len is not a fan of the "boogaloo" dancing, which Carrie Ann informed Len Goodman is known as "old school hip hop."  Did anyone else get nervous for a moment wondering if that could be deemed a racist term?  Lord knows it brought me back to the day my British professor referred to a stereo as a "ghetto blaster."

Kissing up to Carrie Ann proved to be the key to success during this year's finale.  Jennifer Grey was told to "calm down!" by the unpredictable judge during her last paso doble performance.  Ms. Inaba schooled her on powerful arms, nuances and flow.  Jennifer agreed with everything the lift Nazi had to say in almost a teacher's pet fashion. Carrie Ann advice paid off, as it produced one of the most stunning dances in DWTS history.  While she may have already had a dance background, Jennifer Grey has certainly improved during her time on the show.  It has been a steady progression that has seen Jamie Lee Curtis look more and more like the "Silver Fox" each and every week.  I didn't even mind that they were performing to tired 'ol Carmen.  It was fabulous.

Derek didn't let Jennifer Grey know how many lifts were in store for her this week, which kept us from having to witness her whining about her myriad of injuries.  Is there 'finale fabric' used by the costume department?  Derek's partners have a penchant for sporting pastels dripping in sequins in glitter just as Mark Ballas' partners are fond of the glitter pants.

Do you love me?  We'll find out in just a few hours.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Justice was served tonight. Maybe the producers realized no one would ever watch it again if Bristol won. Jennifer deserved it, just like Brandy deserved to be the finals. My husband (who refused to watch it after Bristol made the semifinals) came out of hiding after she was eliminated. Was anyone else totally disgusted by Bristol's comment that her winning would give the "haters" the middle finger. Real class there, Bristol! Go back to Alaska and never emerge again.