Thursday, November 4, 2010

History Lesson: 2000 Aussie Haircare Invitational

The 2000 Aussie Haircare Invitational marked the second qualifier for the then "American Cup Series" and was one of the first competitions after the initial Bela Boot Camps.

This meet provided us with a look at Ray vs. Slater, but more importantly, it put Kelli Hill and Peggy Liddick on display.  This meet is memorable for numerous reasons:

- Did Allana Slater perform the same vault twice?
- Peggy Liddick threatens Allana that she will chase her out the door if she misses her front double full.
- We learn that Tasha was grounded after appearing on National TV at the RCA Challenge.  Diva Alert.
- We see a memorable fluff featuring shots of Peggy Liddick coaching Shannon Miller on compulsory beam.   "It can't be AVERAGE.  It HAS to be SPECTACULAR in order to match the rest of the routine."
- Elise Ray's cookie monster stuffed animal was never shown again after she lost all of that weight by Olympic Trials.
-Tall Poppy Syndrome

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