Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This and That

Asian Games, Battle of the Blades, Ready For Bama, Moceanu and More!

Sui Lu captured the AA Title at the Asian Games with a superb beam routine.  Huang Qiushuang was second after dragging her feet while on the low bar.  Huang did come back to win the vault title.

Teng Haibin and Lu Bo were 1-2 in the Men's AA Final.

A Plethora of Team Finals and AA Vids from the Asian Games.

The Uneven Bars final at the Asian Games:

PARK Ji Yeon 5.400 8.000 13.400
PARK Eun Kyung (00:40) 5.100 7.675 12.775
LIM Heem Wei (01:31) 4.600 7.700 12.300
HUANG Qiushuang(02:08) 7.000 8.825 15.825
TSURUMI Koko(03:00) 5.800 8.500 14.300
TANAKA Rie(03:43) 5.500 7.575 13.075
HE Kexin (05:07) 7.400 9.025 16.425
ELIZAROVA Darya (video missing)5.400 8.350 13.750

Shawn Johnson heads to the Ranch on Thursday for her first National Team Training Camp in 2+ years.  She is currently spending more time in the gym than she did before Beijing, but they work out slower as they can't push as hard due to her age and her knee.  Chow discusses her training in the latest article.  She currently has about 50% of her skills back but isn't training routines yet.  They wanted to aim for the January Camp, but Martha wants Shawn in her grasp as soon as possible to let the starvation begin!  In other news, Shawn Johnson's Wii Game is available in stores today!

Kyoko Ina and Kelly Chase are the latest cast-off on Battle of the Blades.

Kyoko Ina and Kelly Chase on Battle of the Blades Week 7

Shae-Lynn Bourne's latest performance isn't able to be posted on youtube due to music copyrights.  Boo.

Isabelle Brasseur and Todd Warriner on Battle of the Blades Week 7

The Crimson Tide held an intrasquad recently.  Sarah DeMeo looks ready to contribute on beam, while Ashley Priess, Geralen Stack Eaton and Kayla Hoffman look like team leaders.  Making Ashley Sledge an AA star could prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Kayla Williams is officially Ready For Bama!! (and for the Elene Gedevanishvilli tradition of wearing two sports bras to strap those babies in.)

Full List of NCAA Signees

Viktoria Komova's BB at this weekend's Freddy Cup:

Dominique Moceanu participated in Cleveland's Dancing With The Stars.  Dom is a huge fan of DWTS (and attention) and is dying to be on the show.  Lord knows she has enough material for all of the dramatic packages.


  1. the DWTS video is sooo weird

  2. Dominique clearly can dance too well to be on DWTS. Then again, when has DWTS been fair? Yeah, Dominique loves attention, but at least she has a good heart and uses her name to help others.

    Speaking of unfair shows, Kyoko Ina and her hockey player appeared to be quite good to me. I'm surprised she trusted him to do that lift. Was she really the worst? Probably not.

    Thanks for the Asian Games results and videos!

  3. What is a Freddy Cup and why do US gymnasts spend more time at the Ranch training than at meets?

  4. Freddy Cup was a meet in Italy. US Gymnasts spend more time at the Ranch because Martha's strategy is to never put US gymnasts in public unless they are completely prepared. Right now, gymnasts are having some much needed down time after Worlds.

  5. "Speaking of unfair shows, Kyoko Ina and her hockey player appeared to be quite good to me. I'm surprised she trusted him to do that lift. Was she really the worst? Probably not."

    At this stage of the competition all the teams are on quite a level playing field. Someone had to go, and Katia and Valeri had the greater speed and intricacy to their program. It's not unfair; it's just the nature of the competition that someone has to get eliminated.

  6. You stole that Dominique info from GTT at least give credit.

  7. Huh? I follow Dominique on twitter and it is obvious that she likes both DWTS and attention. I posted the video, which showed up on my youtube subscriptions. I don't know wtf GTT is. Take a Xanax. Have two.

  8. Komova has wonderful potential, but going by this routine alone, she still needs a lot of work. Very shaky. And the dance is fine, but it didn't exactly blow me away. Not sure what everyone else is freaking out about....

  9. haaha-Moceanu looked like she was going to FALL OVER in those heels!

  10. I was laughing at Moceanu's warmup jacket with her name on the back. It was like she was back at a gym meet or something. She WOULD make a montage of herself doing some dance thing. haha. She wasn't that bad though.