Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This and That

Catalina Ponor is back to being disgusting on floor again.  The camera angle was not forgiving this time.  Her piked full on is sporting a nice knee bend and her triple full is just like before.  My biggest issue lies with the inexcusable beam shoes, which really kill her leg line during her vamping. They are not remotely sexy. Whenever I see beam shoes, have visions of Moceanu in Atlanta.  P.S.  Safri Duo is so over.

Nastia at Buckingham Palace

Evgeny Plushenko Article

Camp Tidbits:  Alicia's front double full was only done in the pit.  There is a fat chance she'll compete it.  Shawn Johnson won beam after adding back her back full, but she did not do any training on floor.  Shawn has had some unsettling tweets the last two days.  Yesterday, Shawn tweeted ''You just have to believe, 'everything happens for a reason'' and today she informed us, 'new day, new goal.'  She also went biblical with 'Corinthians 10:13  God is faithful and will not let u be tested beyond ur strength.' Best wishes to Shawn. She certainly knows how to be vague and arise suspicion and attract attention.  Just remember, we'll always have that butter statue!

ETA: Shawn sprained her foot.  Though, she didn't manage to somehow do it in ice skates.  Get well soon and work on that bar routine!

ETA: Shawn is now shocked that the news about her sprained foot is out USA Today quoted her father and she pretty much Tweeted she was injured...  Get ready for Sheryl Shade to exploit the injury when Shawn isn't named to the World Team.  We may hear about this foot for a long 10 months!

David Boudia continues to give his agent a heart attack via Twitter.  A month or two ago, Boudia tweeted about peeing in bottles while driving.  Today, he tweeted that he has never smelled this bad and apologizes for the people behind him in line.

More videos from ROM-GER-SWI after the jump!

Ana Porgras Floor/Oksana Chusovitina Vault

Elisabeth Seitz Bars

Sandra Izabasa- Bars

Sandra Izbasa- Vault

Ana Porgras- Bars

Diana Bulimar- Bars

Diana Bulimar- Vault

Diana Bulimar- Floor

Diana Bulimar- Beam

Catalina Ponor- Vault

Catalina Ponor- Beam

Raluca 'Pitic' Haidu- Bars

Raluca 'Pitic' Haidu- Beam

Raluca 'Pitic' Haidu- Floor

Raluca 'Pitic' Haidu- Vault


  1. Apparently Shawn sprained her foot:

  2. I predict Platinum medals for both Plushenko and Patrick Chan in the next Olympics.

  3. Hey, AJ: Do you know anything about this abusive gymnastics coach that is expected to be named in an investigative piece to run in one of the Sunday papers on the 18th?

  4. For anyone in the area, Dancemoms Christi and Kelly are going to be at Nutzbottleshop tonight in Penn. watching the airing of the new Christi tweeted

  5. Whyyyyyy does Nastia dress herself like that? She has such great legs and potential for so much more.

  6. Cata is definitely bad ass for coming back and being able to make those skills. HOWEVER, she should clean up that form! I can't wait to see what the international judges are going to do to her E-score. They had better hammer the shit out of each of those chucked skills. And an artistry deduction for the pain of watching her twisting form.

  7. Shawn just got very lucky with that sprain. Not a bad injury to have and yet still save face when she's not named to the team.

  8. @ anon 4:23
    Totally agree, you can take all or as little time as you need to heal a sprain.

    @ the person complaining about Nastia's outfit- her shirt, I know, right? But her legs look great. Maybe she was just trying to stay warm??

    And Dance Moms people in general- I don't know how y'all watch that stuff in good conscience- I get the fascination with the train wreck adult moms, but really, do you want to be part of the exploitation of those young girls...and yeah, by tuning in, you are helping with that. Just saying.

  9. anon@September 14, 2011 1:47 PM She is just very, very in touch with her inner hooker. You just can't beat that out of a girl. Sometimes, the way she dresses, I hope she doesn't loiter at corners too long, she could get in trouble...

  10. Nastia is a beautiful girl and looks good now that she is working out again. It was apparently a bit chilly in London.

  11. am I missing a joke here about Nastia staying warm? That's a silk blouse shes wearing.

  12. I love how readers of this blog complain about the exploitation of the girls on Dance Moms and yet have no issue watching skating or gymnastics.

  13. So, AJ, you're saying there's no difference between a child performing in public for a few minutes or hours at a time, and a child having her entire life turned *into* public entertainment?

    I'm not saying one is completely innocent and healthy and the other is damaging, but I am saying the two things are not the same.

  14. Plushenko said: “I’ve already chosen the music for the free skate. I won’t make it public yet. All I can tell you is that it is something tragic,”

    Well, that should be appropriate. :)

  15. Shawn was doing much better at camp then noted. Abombs says so and no one threatens for info better then abomb so he should know.

  16. If it's chilly don't wear shorts. Or, wear shorts with a proper shirt and suck it up. But there are plenty of outfits (if she was really cold) that would have looked great on her while keeping her warm.

    And ok, I love heels too but the platform heights are becoming out of control. Loubs or not, her feet look like hooves.