Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chinese Name World Squads

From International Gymnast...

Men: Chen Yibing, Teng Haibin, Feng Zhe, Zhang Chenglong, Lu Bo and Guo Weiyang.  Zou Kai is the alternate.

Women:  He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Sui Lu, Tan Sixin, Wu Liufang and Yao Jinnan.  Huang Qiushuang is the alternate.

Not Attending:  Deng Linlin, Zhang Hongtao, Yao Mingyong and Wang Guanyin.

Look at the names missing from the squads...     Team USA may be in it for fourth place.


  1. One Yang Yilin is also not going.
    This team will be just baarely able to scrape together 3 useable vaults.

  2. Team USA is looking AWESOME knock wood on vault-but rather shaky imo on bars especially now that Bross is out of the picture. And so so on beam and floor. I think it is very possible the US could end up 3rd or 4th. Or hell they could win it all! But I think it's Russia's to win or lose.

  3. I think the US will safely be on the podium. Romanian is just not competitive enough on bars and vault. Plus, their efficiencies on beam and floor can't make up that deficit. That battle between Russia, China and the US will be great. Russia is not out of this world strong on any one event--as China is on Bars and the US on vault--but they're clean and have moderate difficulty through out. China is also great on beam but terribly inconsistent. Despite what many say, the US is actually strong on floor--she's no ballerina need I remind you that Raisman still got 4th in floor EFs and Wieber is cleaner than her. If Maroney actually cleaned up her landings, she'd be a decent competitor too with a 3.5 opening pass and a arabian double dismount. This competition is far more interesting without Mustafina and Bross now.

  4. 1) How did Jiang Yuyuan make the team?

    2) I'm pleased Huang Qiushuang is not on the team. She's not consistent at all even if she's got beautiful lines. They've given her more chances that I'd have expected, and she never really hit when it counted. Mental toughness definitely should be a key requisite.

  5. Zou Kai is the alternate? What?

  6. JYY has her bars together and she has always been usable on VT and FX.

  7. When has she done a decent VT at a big competition??

  8. She did a good DTY in TF at last year's worlds.

  9. For what USA lacks elsewhere, they are going to be stacked on VT. I am expecting the US to score 1- 2 points higher than every other team just on vault alone.
    If China vaults 3 DTY, they are going to start 1.9 behind the US team on VT alone. China won't have nearly that much of a gain on UB.

    IMO it's USA in 1st with Russia trying to battle them, but inconsistency and a non 100% Komova and no Mustafina will hurt them.

    Romania is going to sneak past China for 3rd IMO.

  10. what happened to deng linlin?

  11. Deng Linlin is useless for this team, she is only able to do BB for TF. If they are taking a one event gymnast- it will be He Kexin (and it is)

    China has Sui Lui, Wu Liufang and Tan Sixin that can do BB in TF

  12. China-
    5.8 5.8 5.8
    6.8 6.8 7.6
    6.5 6.5 6.6
    5.7 6.1 6.1

    If they hit they win, they did it in 2006 :)

  13. China can definitely make up for what the US gains on vault in bars. Add the scores together and there's only a 0.3 advantage to the US.

    Combine the VT and UB scores of each and you get CHN= 5.8+5.8+5.8 + 7.4+6.8+6.8 = 38.4. US= 6.5+6.5+6.3 + 6.5+6.5+6.4 = 38.7. The US has a small advantage, but if China hits (and yes they are inconsistent) their execution scores are often far higher. They are reasonably even on BB and FX.