Sunday, September 11, 2011

This and That

Training clip and interview with Brian Joubert.

Ana Porgras won the AA with a 58.10 at a tri-meet between Romania, Germany and Switzerland.  Amelia Racea was second (56.95), Diana Bulimar was third (56.35) and Raluca 'Pitic' Haidu was fourth (56.30.)  It was thought that Pitic may be the alternate for the Romanian World Team, yet she continues to put up one of the highest scores on bars for Romania (14.15 and sad, but true.)  Catalina Ponor competed on three events but didn't have her best beam (14.65.)  Sandra Izbasa continues to nurse a sore achilles.  Izabasa watered down vault and skipped floor.  Let's pray they keep her in tact for Worlds and give her some time to rest before the Olympic push, as she is one of the few girls worth watching in the current hot mess of artistic gymnastics.

Chusovitina won vault with a 15.15 at age 73.  Eliszabeth Seitz won bars with a 14.85.

Philipp Boy leg the men of Germany to a victory with an 88.95.  Fabian Hambuchen dominated high bar with a 16.50 but still has a ways to go before returning to top form.

Shen and Zhao dance in a Chinese TV dancing competition.

Interview with Weaver and Poje


  1. Bet you loved Joubert's 'training clip' ;)

    Go Chusovitina!

  2. Nice try, Brian. But that just won't cut it against Patrick Chan et al. Quel dommage.