Saturday, September 10, 2011

This and That

Interview with Voir.

Paul Hamm lost his job at Ohio State.  Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has a video that can be played repeatedly on cable news.  It is unclear where Paul will go from here as his body continues to break down.  It broke down twice in 2008 and he has already had several injuries.

Voir are ready to regain their world title (with program info.)

Adam Rippon...looking gayer than ever in his new feature in IFS.

P Chiddy looks to up his game this season.

Czisny update.

No shit, Plushenko is battling old injuries...

Catching up with Emily Hughes.  Sadly, Evening With Champions with Yu-Na Kim is already sold out.  The Koreans are coming en masse...

Nastia Liukin (the new Nationals Nastia minus 10 lbs) will be visiting Buckingham Palace this week.  Let's pray for a photo with Kate Middleton.  I'm still waiting on a Tessa Virtue-Kate Milddleton photograph.

Jason Brown captured gold at JGP Brisbane.

Keiji Tanaka

Courtney Hicks captured gold at JGP Brisbane.

Risa Shoji captured silver.

Vanessa Lam's six-inch jumps won bronze.

Flashback interview with Kim Zmeskal


  1. Vanessa's tiny 2loops hurt my soul!

    Jason was wonderful but will need a 3axel or two to break into final group at Nationals.

  2. Adam looks great!
    Not everyone can look as stunningly masculine as Evan Lies-4-a-check.

  3. Hicks winning gold :-/

    If her artistic content was ridiculously brilliant MAYBE it could have offset the falls, but its kind of offensive the ISU scoring system is so forgiving of falls (and yes, I am thinking of P Chan as I typed that).

    Jason Brown: very nice. I fear the US skating establishment, with their seeming bias against 'artistic' skaters (especially male ones) will not do much to prop him up though.

  4. Love Jason Brown a lot but the only thing that could hold him back is the lack of triple axel and/or quad. He's still way young and just had a growth spurt so no rush. Courtney Hicks getting high PCS even in a weak field really makes me lose faith in skating. Why can't we have a scoring system that allows the placements to be correct while also properly accounting for skaters' poor leg lines, lack of finesse, etc? Drives me nuts.

  5. A "weak" field? How is it week at all? The top 3 girls could all be in the final.