Thursday, September 22, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

What A Wonderful World is one of the greatest numbers Sandra Bezic ever choreographed.  From Tara Lipinski's majestic opening solo, the entire program just sings.  The costumes, the music, the lighting and the choreography were perfection.  Kristi and Kurt also really stand out.  Unfortunately, Scott had to provide his requisite cheese...but he is only at the very end so it doesn't ruin the entire number.

Ekaterina Gordeeva's Fragile may have been the first time she really came alive as a singles skater.

This program takes me places.  I'd have given them gold.

Sentimental wonderfulness.

Competitive ferocity.

The Painted Bird of Odessa.

Diana Vishneva breathes such character and life into the Kitri variation.

A darker Anna.

My favorite male gymnast.

Her 'I don't give a shit' expression really takes this routine over the top.

There are no words...

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  1. Vishneva is wonderful, but Maya Plisetskaya was explosive as Kitri. Nevermind that Plisetskaya danced the role decades ago and of course doesn't have the technique of today's ballerinas, just watch her carriage and expression. Impresionante!