Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Russian Edition



One fabulous diva.

A vision.

The passion overrides any mistakes.

The master.

Pure sex.

The Feeling Begins.

I never tire of this...

He skated this program for years and only nailed it here.

Lesbian pride.

I can't help it...


  1. I am not usually one to call people names, but you are an evil bitch. Thanks for showing how awesome pairs USED to the current crop of Americans (and a lot of the rest of the world) is going to look that much more terrible after seeing the G&G Olympic skate that had actual choreography and emotion... Can we please be allowed to forget how awesome pairs used to be so we don't have to break down weeping when we see what it has become?

    Oh well, I'm sure that with a little more practice and her new magic partner, Caydee will achieve the artistry of Katia, right?

  2. UGH, Alexei Nemov was my first crush... seriously, the man is an adonis, and his gymnastics were/are "right out the top drawer".

  3. I love that Grosheva routine also. I wish she showed some stronger back tumbling, but the routine is great. Seriously though, who choreographed Prudunova's routine, Chi Chi LaRue?

  4. For most of my life, I have had a love/hate with the 'top' Russian skaters (loved some, hated others) - it makes me sad that there is not one current Russian skater that I love, they are either horribly tacky and/or are very unmusical.

    For me, Japanese skaters have as a nation taken up the mantle of classically beautiful singles skating that used to be the hallmark of the great Russians.

  5. Right now, Russian figure skating IS tacky. No kind way to describe it. I'm speaking as someone who used to worship certain Russian figure skaters. Now taste has gone out the window to be replaced by outward appearance of artistry not actual artistry itself or beautifully packed appearance alone--*cough* Russian ice dancers. Worse yet, basic skating skills in forms of edges etc..are not being mastered by these hyped-up young skaters who are too busy doing jumps that'll earn them big points. The situation is similar to what's happening to Russian ballet, where all these young dancers can do tricks like multiple turns or extensions up to their ears, but can't really DANCE in terms of fluidity or musicality for example.

  6. Rhythmic Worlds start today in Kiev. Get ready for prime Viner antics.

  7. Montpellier not Kiev, sorry

  8. I used to hate Grosheva's routine, but it's grown on me. I still think no one can ever do this music more justice than Frolova. Kalinina's was weak sauce. I would love to see someone use this music again, but I shudder at the thought with the current code.