Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battle of the Blades 3: Game On (Highlights)

The glorious Sandra Bezic is sending DVDs this way for Battle of the Blades, so there will be plenty of coverage this season.  This is wonderful, as Dancing With The Stars just didn't do it for me the other night.  Unfortunately, CBC is not able to have a Battle of the Blades youtube channel due to music copyright issues.  This is also why DWTS doesn't rack up the hits on youtube.  Hopefully, some users will be able to upload more clips along the way.

Wade Belak Tribute

Lift Class

Once this season takes off, there will be plenty of men wishing they could practice lifts with Tanith Belbin.  Overall, the cast just looks hunkier and blonder this season.  Let's pray Sandra Bezic puts all of the guys in Paul Martini's jeans for at least one number.  Theme week, anyone?

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