Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hot Mess of the Week: Xander Alexander

It is Xander! Erase the A-L-E!


  1. Trying way too hard...

  2. Agreed -too much confidence for too little competence.

  3. Oioioi. An African-Filipino American manages to piss off a panel consisting of an African-American, a Filipina-Jew, a Syrian-Jew, and a British judge, bravo (lackluster applause). Typical for a Bakla Mestizo Gringo to fuck up an interview/audition/golden opportunity by babbling up a typhoon of rants, unwarranted disses, and emotional caca. The Philippine Islands (all 7,107 of them and then some) was briefly colonized by England, along with every other Western Empire harboring a Polynesian fetish, so the awkward, pent-up meltdown doesn't surprise me: outbursts from a "Lost Generation" with no prospects on the horizon are inevitable. Hipster rebellion like X's is draining and predictable.