Sunday, September 25, 2011

This and That

Team China Update.  Lu Bu withdrew from the team due to injury and has been replaced by Yao Mingyong.

The OC Register broke part one of the Don Peters sex scandal today.  It is important to note that the reporter left out a part of the story, which is why Don really moved to California initially.  The writer may have more research to do.  While the allegations are from events from decades back, it is important to realize that there is a culture in the sport where it goes on.  A members of the USAG National Staff married their wife at 18, which is legal, but it also means that they were likely involved for years prior to the date of their nuptials.  Steve Elliot was famously banned from USAG for similar charges.  It is believed that Don Peters may have let his USAG membership lapse, which would make it difficult for the federation to do anything about the situation.  This story has been in the works for some time and it was attempted to be stopped.  It is important for parents and athletes to realize how easily this abuse can happen.  Several skating coaches have been taken to court for similar situations, one of whom Scott Hamilton vehemently defended despite substantial evidence.

Fashion on Ice took place yesterday.  The ice was reportedly chippy, but Alissa Czisny skated with confidence and nailed a triple lutz.  Meryl Davis had a rare fall, but retakes were done for the TV broadcast.  Jeremy Abbott complained about the ice and needed quite a few retakes...  Sasha Cohen was not in 2010 Nationals shape and performed at least one number without any jump attempts.

Lexie Priessman won three gold medals (and a bronze) in event finals at the Intl Junior Tournament, while Amelia Hundley added another three to her AA silver.

Evgenia Kanaeva's AA

Yuzuru Hanyu's free skate at Nebelhorn

Bazarova and Larionov's free skate

Nam Nguyen captured bronze (2nd FS) at the JGP with this performance.

I get that Johnny loves Gaga, but I'd even like to for him to use another song (maybe once a year?)

Never in a million years would I pair up Sarah Hughes and Lady Gaga...

A distant Marlie video...

Conditioning with the Crimson Tide


  1. Hanyu may have the jumps but his style is severely lacking. And that music doesn't help -- it's just awful!

    Agree with you re Johnny Weir. I used to be a fan, but I am sick of watching him now in shows.

  2. I was at Fashion on Ice and did not see Sasha do any jumps except for her wonderful Russian splits.

    Re Johnny, you have to remember it was a fashion event -- Betsy Johnson's outfit was over the top and he rose to the occasion. The crowd loved it, and he didn't flub his jumps like Jeremy.

  3. Sasha didn't do any jumps (other than the split) at FOI and neither did Sarah Hughes. Alissa looked great--ironically she completed her triples on her Moon River number, including a lutz, but popped the axel. Ryan Bradley skated with a lot of power and was a crowd-pleaser with his back-flip. But Johnny was the audience's favorite.

  4. Yes, Johnny was the audience's favorite; Stars on Ice, are you paying attention? (No wonder Evan refuses to be in a show with Johnny - who else can match his charisma?)

  5. Frankly, I found both Sasha and Sarah boring at Fashion on Ice--I can live with no jumps, but not with lack of expression and intensity. Of the currently not competing skaters: Joannie was lovely and she still has her jumps. Ryan put on a good show, as did the Kerrs. Johnny lived up to the crazy costume Betsy Johnson designed for his Bad Romance and got the audience screaming of joy and laughter. I was also pleased to see Johnny still doing 3As and 3-2-2 and 3-2 combos in the practice.

    Meryl and Charlie were wonderful! I can't get enough of them. The ice may well have contributed to Meryl's and Jeremy's stumbles, but hardly to Jeremy's botched jumps. I hope he'll get it together for the GPs!

  6. Yes, Jeremy did a beautiful triple/triple in front of us; his edges are just so clean. But when it comes time for 3A, what happens to him? Popped it in both nunbers....yet when it's time for the re-do when pressure would seem to be greater, he does it perfectly. It's huge and awesome.

    Glad to hear of Johnny's 3A's in practice. Must have been fun to see.

  7. Who cares if Sarah Hughes does jumps - even in her prime she had some of the lowest, most boring-ass jumps I have ever seen from a skater at that level.

    Even though I am so sick of that Dr. Zivago (sp?) music the B/L program is decent and has some very pretty moments - some ugly falls there though, especially the one after a beautiful throw landing.

    I pray for Nam's continued success so that Canadian skating will stop propping up Patrick Chan and use their considerable clout on someone who actually deserves it.


    This is a closer version of Marlie's new exhibition. Please feature it in it's own post, pretty please? It deserves to be seen by others. Meryl is stretching her legs, our prayers have been answered!! The two of them are looking glorious.

  9. For people who went to the show, did Meryl fall during her Rhythm of Love ex? I haven't seen any video of it...

  10. Yes, I think Meryl did fall. It happened so quickly, I don't know what caused it, but she was up pretty fast. She did not do a retake, as Jeremy and Joannie did.

  11. Exactly what is the deal with Macko? Why is she hanging out "at home" in Naperville? Is she having surgery?

    Also did Chellsie Memmel have surgery? She tweeted. . .

    "Feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends...and also a wonderful boyfriend who is taking care of me this weekend :)"

    Why are they needing to "take care of her" I hope she didnt have to have surgery to fix that shoulder?!

  12. I think Meryl and Charlie did to a retake. It was after the first half, before they changed costumes.

  13. Johnny's jumps looked great in practice and at the show, esp. considering he had taken the red-eye from LA. I agree about being sick of BR (though I'm not against the Gaga programs and think they're a lot of fun. But BR fit perfectly for the Betsey Johnson costume. Johnny has a new Piaf number that I wish he'd polish up. Hopefully he won't do Ave Maria and BR for Kaleidoscope this year, as he did those two last year!

  14. Memmel had shoulder surgery to repair her biceps tendon. 3 months rehab. There is a writeup at Gymnastike.

    I don't know about Macko, but even without surgery, having two busted ankles, might inhibit getting around Gainesville. Maybe she is healing at home.

  15. It is important that the reporter left out a part of the story, which is why Don really moved to California initially. The writer may have more research to do.