Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canadian World Team Intrasquad

Videos of a recent intrasquad from the Canadian World Team have surfaced.  Let's take a moment to discuss the name Coralie Susanna LeBlond Chartrand.  I believe that we all need to celebrate the ridiculously long names of French Canada.  Can you even imagine what it must be like trying to spell your name for a customer service representative in the great white north?!  That's '  D as in Daniel...."    Our girl, Ms. LeBlond Chartrand, looks like the alternate, but French Canadian politics came into play and the Gerber family has been slapped across the face yet again. (This time figuratively...)

Our French Canadian girl is dismounting bars with a front 1 1/2, but is only a step up from Betty Okino.

You can take a girl away from Mihai, but she will always have that ASac look on floor...

...and on bars, which may be the reason why there isn't even a video of her from an intrasquad in Canada!

Long live that Brestyan's butch beam quality!

Why must Mikaela and Aisha sit on the back of the bus in life?!

Even if they're a tad awkward, I live for their Saadi fabulousness.

Madeline Gardiner looks good, but she and her coach have decided not to go Pan Ams.  Is Saadi trying to protect her athlete for the Olympic push and get two athletes to the test event?!

Peng Peng Lee is now performing a double layout mount, double pike dismount and trying to break BEFORE she goes to UCLA.  We can all take bets if she will last longer than Shavahn Church.  Let's hope and pray!

Peng took out the back full on beam.

Listen to that Canadian accent when the videographer says she looks skeeeeery on bars!

Kristina Vaculik looks mighty better than she ever did at Stanford.  I don't think she should ever be allowed to leave the firm grip of Elena Davydova ever again!

Dominique Pegg looks solid in a very Canadian at Utah sorta way.


  1. Did you forget to finish your sentance? In the first paragraph you say "and the Gerber family has been" ... has been what?

  2. I can't believe you didn't post anything about Dance Moms being renewed for season 2!! Hello? Best news ever...

  3. Thank you for noticing my oops!

    I didn't post about Dance Moms yet because I was waiting for tonight's episode. There is a method to my madness.

  4. Even though she is super awkward, I love Gerber's floor routine. It is actually interesting (albeit a bit spastic) and keeps me wondering what is next.

  5. AJ! Have you seen this? Canadian worlds team youtube channel? Oohhhh if only the USA girlies were allowed to do this. Lord knows Barta and co would shut it down if they did it.

  6. link to Canadian Worlds team channel!!

  7. I really like these Canadian floor routines! Actual choreography is so refreshing

  8. OMG, they actually do choreography on floor. I'd rather watch all of them than every American. Seriously.