Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I'm Living For...

I am in love with the queen in the tank top.  In my mind, Rippon, Lambiel, Buttle and Takahashi should perform to this.

Look at this spinning, I mean the girl is wonderful. I don't suppose I can call her a girl. This woman is wonderful.

But you want to take her over your knee and say 'get with it my dear and learn to do those triples.'

Nicole Bobek is one of those young people that first you want to wring her neck, then you want to spank her, and then you want to hug her.

Oh, how I wish she did floor instead of Kyla in London.

A delicious program to People Are Still Having Sex

Seeing the clips on TMZ isn't enough. Grab a bottle of wine, call some friends over, and luxuriate over this mess.

I adore how understated she is.

Two Kellys...because one is never enough.

Gator Chomp!

Val's best routine in ages.

We will never get enough of Anna Li owning it, Becca Bross workin it and Nastia giving up and just not giving a shit.


  1. Damn, Anna Li is fab. McK does the gymnast pose-"dancing" thing really well.

  2. Rebecca Bross in this video....

  3. Please add Abbott to the Rippon/Lambiel/Buttle/Takahashi combo! Gay Christmas, indeed.