Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Things: Salivating the Past

Watching Fernandez's Chaplin remake made us long for the real thing:

Yuna may be portraying Cosette in her new free skate, but the real skating Eponine performed 15 years ago:


We live for Virtue/Moir's Carmen, but we also long the for the days when skating was actually popular and "Carmen on Ice" was a television special. Be prepared for the spinning kiss -- the one and only time you will ever see Katarina Witt and Brian Boitano locking lips.


 Jeffrey Buttle choreographed Chan's stunning short program to Rachmaninoff which could have been inspired by Buttle's own magnificent short program to Prelude #2.


 Asada's Swan Lake is one of the strongest ladies free programs this season, but the original Swan Lake will always be our favorite Ukrainian hot mess.


 While Wagner may be trying to find her inner Kwan with her current short program, the Kween showed us all how it is originally done.



  1. Witt and Boitano are delightful, but you call that a spinning kiss? The ultimate one comes from the incredible ballet "Le Parc."

    Here performed by Tereshkina and Sergeyev (linking right to spin/kiss part):


    Also, Berezhnaya and Siharulidze are magical in that Chaplin program. Their lines are superb.

  2. I woulda gone with the Skate America version of Red Violin, even with the fall on the triple flip. As would the Polish judge who still gave it a 6.0.

  3. Actually my favorite pair skating program ever is B/S exhibition program to Chaplin's The Kid. She's lovely in the City Lights program but its like playing a 6 year old boy is a liberation for her.

    There may be a better youtube than this one but its what I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAtOrzrl1dk

    I don't mind Fernandez' Chaplin - he seems like a sweet, ebullient guy and I think the program suits him - although he certainly lacks Anton's phenomenal precision.

    Actually the first time Oda came on my radar was when he skated a lovely Chaplin program (by Morosov of all people) at a Grand Prix. It was strange because after that one time, I never saw him perform anything nearly that well again (including that program).

    Watching Michelle's Les Miz program - wow - there was nobody like her before she came along and even though there have been a generation or two of younger skaters who can now go back and watch the videos there is still nobody like her. Guess her kind of lightening in a bottle is a lot harder to get a bead on than Chaplin's.

  4. When I heard Yu na skating to 'On My Own' I got chills just thinking about Michelle's program.

    I'm also so proud and in awe of Jeff Buttle with all his talent to skate and choreograph such a wonderful program for Chan.

  5. I also quite enjoy Sasha Cohen's Swan Lake. Well, before Robin Wagner messed it up at least. lol.

    And anything involving Michelle is always better always.

  6. AJ, S&S and Kostner are skating to Bolero and it would be great to see how they compare (if at all) to the classic.

    Tuktamysheva is skating to Adiós Nonino and Dark Eyes which is a total embbrassment watching Buttle's and Cohen's respective versions.

    Are there classic performances to Notre-dame de Paris or Giselle? Bobek's Giselle was nice.