Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This and That

A look at Carolina Kostner working to up the technical ante in practice. She has already put out the Triple Lutz this year, but she needs to get the Triple Flip+Triple Toe in the long (and eventually the short) in order to be competitive. Kostner is choosing to return after earning a World Title that is truly once in a lifetime. Most take it as a signal to retire, but Kostner is continuing. Can she do it? Is she slowing down even more on purpose? Fans either love or hate Kostner. There is really no in between.

Catalina Ponor on beam at the Antwerpen Gala. Look at the skill level. She will be able to do this at fifty years old. Put her in a black cat suit. It is a shame she wasn't on the American tour. Ponor would've stolen the show.

Justin Spring spoke to the Gymcastic Podcast about his upcoming meet that will test out his proposed new format for men's gymnastics. While the details are still being worked out, Spring appears to be moving the sport in the right direction. One has to respect anyone who attempts to make men's gymnastics coherent for the average viewer. His new format includes a proposed stick-off in the event of a tie breaker. That would certainly elevate the level of fun for a sport that is on the risk of being obsolete at the NCAA level.

McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross will appear in the Rose Bowl Parade. IG got absolutely nothing else of interest for Maroney except for that she has a 13 foot Christmas Tree...we can only imagine what her house looks like.

A Romanian with bar grips...  Is there a difference or is she just a welcome accident?

Liz Manley speaks about her show benefitting Mental Health

Sandra Izbasa at the Antwerpen Gala

Epke 'Epic' Zonderland

Jordan Jovtchev

How did Greg Marsden never snatch up Elisabeth Seitz?

Alexander Shatilov

Gaelle Mys


  1. Do you know why the Romanians never used grips? Is it just some bizarre tradition?

    1. it's not some bizarre tradition, it's all about money. grips are too expensive for them. actually the romanians gym problems are caused by lack of money.

    2. Ah, I didn't realize that. Thanks for the insight!

  2. How did Greg Marsden never snatch up Gaelle Mys?

  3. Gymcastic should be called Gymsucks. Tim isn't funny, Spanny is a stalker and the show is creepy.

    Be embarrassed

  4. I enjoy Carolina's skating slow, fast, standing still posing. Sometimes I like her skating and sometimes it's great! Lots of inbetween. FYI - if you look hard enough u can find Romanian gymnasts using grips. Even dowel grips (Nadia Hategan)