Saturday, December 22, 2012

History Lesson: The Old Way

Oh, how I miss the old days when Uncle Dick would accost the skaters in the Kiss and Cry before they even had time to decompress with their coaches. Note this particular gem where Linda Fratianne skates her Olympic sendoff in a manner that Dick finds 'uninspired' and 'slow.' I love the way in which he heads down to the Kiss and Cry to investigate what what wrong with the current ladies champion.

Skating like shit is one thing, having to answer to Uncle Dick is quite another.


  1. What a mess! Totally. I was shocked she even got a medal. She was a mental midget!

    1. I have a hard time calling her a mental midget. She skated two great programs at the Olympics as a favorite. A lot of people cannot do that. You can say she is not the most exciting skater. Linda did everything very correctly, very Frank Carroll, but she lacks the charisma of Janet Lynn, Peggy and Dorothy.

  2. It is interesting that the favorites from the usa always seemed to skate like she at nationals. I know Dorothy did so badly that if they had not been playing games {which everyone does} at nationals she would have been lucky to be third. Linda did not skate the best and needed judges to cheat for her. Tiffany Chin won in 84, but the judges needed to cheat to keep Roz in first. It really was not till 88 when it was representative and then Debbie screwed up the Olympics. I forgot what Yama did {because I found her dull and gross} and of course Nancy could not be bothered to skate in 94 {had to have somoene wack her in the leg to avoid skating}. in 98 Kwan peaked way to early at nationals [or lips had the skate of her life at the olympics either way, the bitch lost/did not win} in 2002 really huge was an after thought and a fluke that no one saw coming. I guess this shows that you can not peak twice {or at all in the case of Rachel Hughes}

  3. HAHA at Protective Frank giving Dick the evil eye over Linda's head during the interview. :-)

  4. how is this skate to Carmen?. she skate and look like sara huges. no fire in eyes. america girl skaters so boring